10 Year Old 90kg boy starts eating toilet papers

South African 10 year old Caden Benjamin isn’t only unhappy because of his over weight, but also the rare incurable genetic disorder that makes him feel hungry all the time.

The disorder has been termed as Prader-Willi syndrome by doctors. He started being always being hungry since child hood, a symptom that made his mother Zola to realise that there was something unusual about the appetite of her child as he weighed 40 kilogrammes at the age of 3.

On average, Benjamin’s disease affects about 20,000 people worldwide. He asks for food every hour, at a point, he started eating toilet paper and any other piece of paper he would find in the House plus the dirt he finds on the floor.

The big problem was that Prader-Willi sufferers need less food than regular people, because their bodies have less muscle and tend to burn fewer calories. Doctors recently told Caden’s mother that he needed to go on a diet, if she wanted him to stay alive. But keeping him from eating has been a real struggle, due to his constant hunger.

Benjamin’s mother is unable to work, because she has to watch over him constantly, both during the day and at night. She is struggling to keep up with medical bills, selling food she prepares at home, but it’s not enough to cover all the expenses.

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