18′ till I die: Here is why women lie about their age

It started as a thing for Celebrities but its eating away the current generation for most of the Ladies out there. Who knows the actual age of his girl friend [Not wife]?

Take, for instance, the case of a well-known female musician who has so far celebrated her 25th birthday for almost four years consecutively to still create the impression that she is in her 20s! Here are some reasons why most women will never tell their actual age.

Judgemental Nature of men
Men tend to be very judgmental yet ladies don’t like being judged. They would rather keep their men guessing. Even though one reveals the actual age that she has, a certain guy out there will be heard murmuring “Add more 5 years”.

Some women are very secretive about their age so much that tales abound of men who don’t know exactly how old their girlfriends or even wives are. Age, for many women, is the conversational equivalent of touching the third rail. You can talk about her greatness; her stature in society as the CEO of a blue chip company; her beauty; her life story, but never the number of years she has been a citizen of the planet Earth.

Girls don’t like numbers
If you can remember well, very few ladies showed great interest in arithmetic back in school days. Women have always shown an obtrusive affinity around how old they are and this has nothing to do with that cruel joke we were told decades ago that girls don’t like anything to do with numbers.

Belief that Young is beautiful
Lets all agree that any society loves young women. There is a general notion that younger is more beautiful and innocent. Looking at demographics, men naturally go for young women. It is difficult to site a man in his 40s or fifties looping around a woman in her forties.

Rapid ticking of the Biological clock
A woman who is over thirty, and yet to be married is considered to be hiding something about themselves. Many will look at them with skepticism. The feeling is that either she has hyper sexual tendencies or she is barren; there has to be something deeply ‘wrong’ with her to be going through life without a husband.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

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