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How To Wear Animal Prints and look Classy

In African states like ours (Uganda), it takes a real courage to wear animal print, you can look very cheap if badly paired or worn. But when worn properly it makes a fashion statement. Here are ways to stylishly show the animal in you.

  • Don’t mix different types of animal prints; instead, go for one print and match it accordingly with neutrals and solid colors, especially black, white, grey, brown or beige.
  • Don’t clash your prints with accessories. Practice caution when accessorizing, they look best with simple accessories. Pair your animal prints with simple solid colored bracelets and necklaces. Don’t wear anything too flashy or anything that will compete with your clothing for visual attention.
  • Wear these prints in small doses if you are not daring enough to wear a dress. You could accessories in animal prints and keep the rest of your simple, then just add a scarf, bag or shoes.
  • Subtlety is the key when it comes to wearing animal prints. As prints tend to draw attention towards the area they cover, try to wear them taking into consideration your body shape and the flaws you want to camouflage.
  • Lastly look for animal prints in classic shapes. A stench coat, camisole, shift dress or clutch bag area all simple, clean lined shapes that carry the print well.

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