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Qualities of the Perfect Man

No single man is perfect or possess all qualities a girl dreams about

After a girl’s marriage, her husband becomes not only her husband becomes not only her life partner, but also her best friend. He is the one whom she addresses for any joys or sorrows. However, no single man is perfect or possesses all the qualities a girl dreams about, but trying a bit to incorporate a few good qualities goes along way and make your relationship better and your life happier.


Both persons in the relationship should possess this quality, do not cheat on her. This will increase your trustworthy altogether even though you go out on a night with friends, it will make your relationship long lasting.


This is a quality to success, communicating to your partner and understanding him/ her will surely make your relationship strong. This makes sorting misunderstandings in time.

Love kids

Though most girls love kids, not all guys do, a guy playing with little kids is the sexiest thing ever.


A good husband is one who supports through your good and bad. He should listen to you and guide you to the right path and support your decision.

Loves your flaws

No one out there is perfect. Each person possesses some flaws and getting a husband who loves you including your flaws and doesn’t judge is the best the girl can get.

Has good sense of humour

A guy with a good sense of humour is like a jackpot. Who would want to have boring conversations with their partner? Everyone wants a good laugh now and then;

Other qualities include;

  • Dependable
  • Pampers a woman like a kids
  • Does your hobbies with you.

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