7 Tips to Save Time and Money on Uganda Car Rental

Car rental in Uganda is basically Auto agencies that hire automobile for a short time or for long term rentals like for weeks depending on contractual agreements between the hirer and the hiree. They are many agencies offering car hire in Uganda among is Safari Drive Uganda, Road trip Uganda, self drive Uganda, car rental Uganda and Auto Rental Uganda, etc. These agencies provide best vehicles and convenient services which earlier impressed you. These agencies are usually situated near the International Airport of Uganda, Airstrips and around busy centers around down town in the capital.

The primary people who rush for car hires in Uganda are generally those who don’t own one down here in Uganda and find it cheaper hiring one than ferrying their own to the country. others may include new visitor in the country, owners of damaged cars or had breakdowns or owners awaiting insurance licenses.

Besides hiring vehicles, the car rental agencies provide their clients with variety of services which include insurance service and navigation systems. Vehicles that are normally used in rental car agencies in Uganda include the Rav4, Prado land cruiser, safari custom van, customized jeep and Nissan patrol.

However renting a car in Uganda has become a no worry since you are provided with the best tips to consider on arrival so to base your decisions;

The number of people willing to escort you from the airport to preferred travel destination. The number of people matters whenever you prefer to rent a car in Uganda. If you are hoping to travel with 2-5 people a rav4, Prado land cruiser, customized jeep are best for the companion

The number of children willing to travel alongside. Be able to put yourself in situation of answering the how, when questions of your child’s safety, Do I need a baby seater if yes find out the car hire that really fits my baby seater.

Estimate the number of luggage .An average luggage should not exceed 23 kg, Entebbe international airport recommends visitors to carry luggage in a range of 20-25kg.For the local residents they are advised to hire depending on the luggage and the purpose for the car.

The distance from the airport and the place of destination.Once your destination is near the airport hire a curb to transfer people or your goods which is relatively cheap. It’s always convenient to drive a medium car in a well-designed recommended road than driving a big car in the narrow roads of Uganda.

Hire a car similar to your to  drive at  home. To minimize  difficulties found in driving a new car,choose a model that has less of complexes.Normally self-drive agencies have much easier modal cars to give you courage and the confident on the road.

Estimate your budget, how much do I want to spend on a car hire, find out the cheapest rates around town. Most car agencies have  attractive prices that are negotiable to fit your budget.

Terms and conditions attached to a rental car in Uganda. Always read the terms and condition for renting a car in Uganda. Favorable terms will attract your attention

Always stick to one driver if you must. In order to avoid extra costs for extra drivers always stick to one driver  if you opted for a travel guide.

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