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Airtel Appoints Nabakka as their New C.E.D.

Joweria Nabakka brings with her a wealth of experience, having served in various key roles within the Airtel organization.

Airtel Appoints Nabakka as their New C.E.D.

Airtel Uganda has recently announced the appointment of Joweria Nabakka as their new Customer Experience Director, a strategic move that underlines the company’s commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction and service delivery.

Joweria Nabakka brings with her a wealth of experience, having served in various key roles within the Airtel organization. Her journey began with roles at WARID Telecom, where she initially held the position of Head of Revenue Planning and Geo Marketing. Her exceptional performance in this role led her to similar responsibilities at Airtel Tanzania, where she spent two years contributing to the company’s success.

Returning to Uganda, Nabakka assumed the pivotal role of overseeing the Data and Devices Portfolio in product development at Airtel. Since 2016, she has played a crucial role in the smooth launch of end-to-end portfolios and customer USSD journeys. Her impact is further highlighted by the successful introduction of innovative products such as FREAKY FRIDAY, DOUBLE DATA, and DATA MY PAKALAST, showcasing her dedication to providing customers with exciting and valuable services.

Joweria Nabakka has not only demonstrated her business acumen but has also become a recognizable face and voice of the Airtel brand at major events. Her well-rounded understanding of the telecommunications sector, coupled with her ability to foster partnerships, has positioned her as a driving force behind Airtel Uganda’s commitment to delivering top-notch services and an enhanced customer experience.

Her academic background is impressive, holding a bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Makerere University, an MBA from Cavendish University, and a CPA qualification. This educational foundation, combined with her years of hands-on experience, undoubtedly equips her with the expertise needed to excel in her new role as Customer Experience Director.

Airtel Uganda, with Joweria Nabakka at the helm of customer experience, is poised to extend exemplary services to its vast and dynamic customer base across the country. This strategic appointment reflects Airtel’s dedication to providing not only telecommunications services but also a superior and enjoyable customer journey.

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Written by Kusaasira Noah

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