Anita Fabiola Talks About Her Nude Photos

Former Miss Uganda – West and TV star, Anitah Fabiola has finally spoken out about her nud* photo saga that got tongues wagging last year. While speaking to Urban TV Saloon Talk TV show, Anitah revealed that the photos were taken years ago and are not a true representation of her current self.

“Yes, everyone saw those photos, but they were taken long time ago. They don’t show the real me. They were taken back in 2012 and things have changed since that time, so anyone who thinks they know how I look like without clothes, you are lying to yourself,” she said.

Anitah’s photos were leaked to the public after she got disagreements with one of her Sudanese lovers. The TV star has since kept a low profile for fear of being ridiculed after she lost her job, friends and fans due to the indecency. We will keep you posted.

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