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Socialites Anita Fabiola and Kabale Juice Tinah Teise in Social Media Diss

fabiola and Tinah Teise

Have you ever imagined the anger and bitterness Ugandans are harboring as a result of the newly introduced social media and mobile money tax? If not, taste it then by supporting those policies or ask the NBS Katchup Presenter Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa.

Fabiola recently took to her Social Media handles to support these taxes but what she reaped from her tweet was a batch of unimaginable insult as many wondered whether she was still in her senses.

On Sunday July 1st, the light skinned glamour gal provocatively tweeted;

“Dear Ugandans please pay social media tax. Some of us brand ambassadors need your likes and comments for business,” before after a few days posting that people should stop blaming the government for their own problems.

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This stirred up great anger among most of her followers of which also included the famous Kabale Juice Tinah Teise. She could not take it anymore and so decided to hit back at her, replying;

“Has someone ever said something so ignorant you are embarrassed on their behalf? Some blonde Slay queen somewhere on her smart phone said ‘don’t blame the government for your problems’…I want to throw up,”

tinah teise
Tinah Teise a.k.a Kabale Juice

This not only troubled the person the reply was redirected to but also fans that were wondering how the two Socialites who are in the same industry and doing the same kind of shows are at war and so mean to each other! ‘Do they have personal issues?’, a fan was quoted asking. We also do not know.

Fabiola was bashed by other numerous people for her outrageous tweets.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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