The smell of death: She Can tell a person who is about to Die

A woman aged 24 has come out to claim that she can smell when people are near death. She knows the odor of death!

She is none other than Ari Kala, from New South Whales, Australia, a former legal secretary at a major Sydney law firm who is currently pursuing her career as a professional psychic.

Ari Kala says that she first discovered her sixth sense when she was 12 after she visited her dying uncle. She says that she smelled a ‘sickly sweet’ odor that no one else in her family could pick up.

“The year before I started high school I visited my uncle to be with him as he died… The night before his death I picked up this odd, sickly sweet rotten kind of smell in the house… I thought it was the smell of his remains as I had never smelled that before. But no one else could smell it.” She said.

She added on that she realized it later that it was a sign of death. She continued that she not only smells death in people with terminal diseases, but also the elderly and any one else close to his/ her end days.

“I realized later it was the frequency of death I could smell… Since then, I’ve experienced the same thing around people with terminal diseases or the very elderly – too many times to count.”

However, despite having this kind of special gift, Ari Kala says she isn’t much proud of it since she can’t do any thing to save the person she has sensed dying soon. This might be why she never tells people when she notices the smell of death on them.

“Sometimes it feels like a burden. I used to want to say something, however I realized it’s not my duty… I don’t put much effort into developing it. It’s kind of useless – how could it help anyone? How I can walk up to strangers with this smell and help them? What if they don’t know they are going to die soon? If I told them that and they weren’t aware, it could be catastrophic. I don’t see how it’s up to me to interfere with their fate.” She explained.

Every one has a special gift

Meanwhile, Ari believes everyone has a special psychic potential which is suppressed by societal conditioning from a young age. She now coaches women, many part of the witchcraft community aged 25 to 45 about how to put there psychic skills to good use.

“Everyone has access to their psychic ability, but usually it is suppressed. Children are told to grow up from an early age. They are expected to fit in, be quiet and behave as normal as possible. They are also told their imaginations aren’t real, which causes these psychic abilities to switch off.”

She concluded that she when she was still a child, she could read people’s emotions and always dreamed about things that came true.

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