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Arsenal FC: Pros and Cons of the contenders for the Next Club’s Manager

Arsenal FC’s manager recently announced his step down from the North London club after 22 years of service, a revelation that sent shock waves through English football since nobody had anticipated its timing.

However, currently the attention of the fans, players, sports analysts and other football lovers around the world is turned to who the club top management would choose to succeed the most successful manager in the club’s history.

Would it be a legendary former player, a youthful head coach with big ideas or a charismatic manager with stature and gravitas? Today, we bring you the pros and cos of those that might make the managerial role of the club in the forthcoming English Football season.


The Top contenders of Arsenal FC’s Next Manager

Carlo Ancelotti

Arsen Wenger Successor
Former Bayern and AC Milan head coach Carlo Ancelotti

Former head coach for clubs with ‘big’ names in European Football such as AC Nilac, Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen, Chelsea FC among others. he is one of the most successful coaches in European football as he has won the champions league thrice two with ac Milan and one with Real madrid. he has also one league titles in every team he has managed except real Madrid. he was recently sacked by Bayern Munich at the start of the season. however, when arsene wenger announced his resignation at arsenal in late in April, Accelotti said, ” he would love to return to the managerial dugout as soon as possible since he loves the game”.

Having managed in England before, winning the double in 2010, he appears to be a safe pair of hands who could steer Arsenal through what some believe could be a difficult transition ensuring the club avoids the ‘Moyes’ situation at Manchester United.

Too similar to Wenger in his football approach methods. Arsenal watchers have long felt their players suffer due to a lack of prescriptive coaching, with Wenger leaving them to find their own solutions.


Zeljko Buvac

Jurgen Klopp’s Assistant Zeljko Buvac

Nick named ‘The Brain’, Buvac is a highly-regarded coach with an intimate knowledge of Arsenal and the Premier League. He has been working as Jurgen Klopp’s No.2 at Liverpool FC. speculations have gone around his circles as he has not been away from Liverpool duties for the last three games. though the real reason for his being away is because his father has been ill.

Since Arsenal bosses are not ready to employ an extravagant manager in terms of spending much money in making transfers, he would not demand a transfer warchest.

Buvac’s priority would be getting Arsenal training methods up to speed and extracting the most out of a talented, if unbalanced, squad. Would bring ideas and necessary organization to Arsenal FC’s play.

Zeljko has not any club managed since 2001 and does not speak English. His recruitment stands at the odds of 5/2.


Massimiliano Allegri

Juventus Head Coach Allegri

He is the head coach at Italian giants, Juventus FC who has guided them to successive Serie A titles and two Champions League finals. he also won acmilan their last title in 2011-2012

A proven track record at the highest level of European football. He is also a highly respected figure within football just like Wenger who would be a classy public face for the club. Expected to bring a more pragmatic approach to Arsenal’s football.

Liverpool and Spurs have bettered Arsenal in the past two seasons with coaches who have a clear playing identity or ‘philosophy’. Allegri is not quite like that as once he was quoted saying that tackling, passing, running and players skills doesn’t win in football but only formations. His odd standings are at 5/1


Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique

He is a former head coach at Italian side AS Roma FC and Barcelona FC in Spain, with a treble to his name as a coach in the history of Spanish Football.

Enrique has a crystal clear idea of how he wants football to be played and the experience of managing a big European club.

Reports also suggest that he will make huge financial demands both contractually and in the transfer market.
A disastrous spell at Roma is a black mark on his CV.

The world also believes that managing Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar is quite easier than Ozil, Ramsey and Aubameyang, making his work at the Nou Camp difficult to assess.


Julian Nagelsmann

Julian Nagelsmann

Head Coach at Hoffenheim, a top Flight Club in German side Football. He was appointed at the club as the head coach while at the age of 28 in 2015, leading them away from relegation trouble in his first season and qualifying for the Champions League in his following season.

Nagelsmann coaches a dynamic, energetic style based on fast recoveries of possession and looks a huge prospect that would fit into Arsenal’s structure seamlessly.

His experience with Clubs with a rich winning history is still very low thus his appointment appearing to be two or three years too soon.


Brendan Rodgers

brendan rodgers
Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers

He managed Liverpool FC some seasons back, leading them to within touching distance of their first title since 1990 before joining Sctoland side Celtic FC from where he has bagged successsive League and other local titles.

Rodges approach to Football is both attractive and progressive with an impressive history of developing young attackers. All these are the baseline norms at Arsenal FC.

Arsenal became a running joke in the late-Wenger years, and Rodgers also lends himself to parody. His Liverpool side were beset by defensive weaknesses, the very area Arsenal urgently need improvement.


Eddie Howe

eddy howe
Bournemouth Head Coach Eddy Howe

The head manager at Bournemouth FC, a top flight middle-table club in English Football and former to Burnley FC.

Has a tactical game approach similar to Arsenal FC’s football tradition. He has experience in English Football as well.

It would feel a bit ‘Moyes-ey’. He has no big club experience in addition to his teams leaking cheap goals.



Mikel Arteta

Would have learnt so much in two years under Guardiola but he has no managerial experience, fans will have little patience with a rookie. Arteta has also played alongside several members of Arsenal’s squad that might affect his ability to make bold decisions of setting up the first team.

Leonardo Jardim (Monaco FC)

He is one of the brightest talents in European football exhibited by his previous two seasons at Monaco. He won the Ligue 1 and reached the Champions League semi-finals last season. But, he is far from a compelling personality, Arsenal might want more from their figurehead.

Joachim Low

He’s a world champion, and has also built a successful team around Mesut Ozil. However, Low has not managed at club level since he left Austria Vienna in 2004. Also the demands of a top club job are very different to guiding a team through a summer tournament.

Patrick Viera

A club legend who could galvanise the fan-base, and have the instant respect of the players. However, his abilities as a coach are very difficult to ascertain.

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