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Basummer Running Broke, starts Selling off Property

Is your Bank account still loaded and need to spend cheap on lavish property? This article is specially written for you. Our ‘Basummers’ who blew fortunes last month are running broke. Most have put up their properties for sale. That would not be the point, the property goes to the lowest bidder – that is the point then.

These range from cars to phones, Ipads and laptops, bling bling, clothes and even shoes. They are also quietly selling off their cars that they once promised to leave with their mothers while going back to kyeyo.

Where to Buy the Basummer Property

Most of them gather their property for sale in downtown arcades more so Sunset arcade. The shop owners in these arcades take the roles of middle men.

William and Wilson Streets are also good spots for Basummer stuff. You can easily get your dream gadget from these streets at half price. One of the Basummer stuff brokers who preferred anonymity revealed how these people cannot vend their property them selves.

They do not want to be seen as poor people haggling to sell off their property for survival,” He revealed.

He added on that his cut depends on how desperate is a given Nkuba Kyeyo is. Their are some who just ask for nay thing.

What the Basummers say?

However, a certain Nkuba Kyeyo defended his colleagues that they do not sell off their property due to the January blues (brokeness). He says that they come with a lot of things and it doesn’t make any sense of flying back with them.

Renowned Basummers in this Circle

In 2016, Nalongo Don Zella allegedly sold off her Hammer to a one JJ of the famous JJ events in Kawempe to enable her get back to the US. Patricia Sewungu and Noella Shanelle Nwokobia a.k.a Mz Shan are also other ladies in this circle.

They sell off their clothes and household materials like furniture and electronics and beauty products.

Another one is Sahaki De Boss (Sahaki Kimera) who left Mbale for South Africa in 2012 to join the Sangoma business.

Sources say him and another Musummer Identified as Derrick Juan money is everything. They only understand money language. They are always flocked by fashonistas by the time of going back due to their good taste in Fashion and Showbiz.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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