Uganda Beach Soccer League Results Match Day 7

Beach Soccer Uganda

FT. Entebbe Sharks Bsc 7 -8 Isabet Bsc*

Ssemukuutu Faluk x5 (Entebbe Sharks)
Seruwu Colline x2 (Entebbe Sharks)
Samson kiirya *OG* (Isabet Bsc)
Somoka Roch x3 (Isabet Bsc)
Byaruhanga Rica x1 (Isabet Bsc)
Buyala baker x1 (Isabet Bsc)
Bakiranze Lawrence x1 (Isabet Bsc)
Ndifuna Bernard *OG* (Isabet Bsc)

🔸Anyama Jerome (Entebbe Sharks)
🔸Atandu Aggrey (Isabet Bsc)

*FT. St. Lawrence Bsc 8-3 Muteesa 1 Royal Bsc*

Tusuubira John x2 (St. Lawrence Bsc)
Wasswa Emanuel x3 (St. Lawrence Bsc)
Mugerwa Marvin *OG* x2 (St. Lawrence Bsc)
Simbwa Swalleh x1 (St. Lawrence Bsc)
Kagezi Junior Bashir x1 (Muteesa 1 Royal Bsc)
Ssengonzi Bernard x2 (Muteesa 1 Royal Bsc).

*FT. Buganda Royal Bsc 7-1 Talented Bsc*

Kakwaya Swaibu x1 (Buganda Royal Bsc)
Lwesibawa Godfrey x2 (Buganda Royal Bsc)
Luboyera Hassan x2 (Buganda Royal Bsc)
Kasozi Charles *OG* (Buganda Royal Bsc)
Wasswa Peter x 1 (Buganda Royal Bsc)
Habinshuti Eric *OG* (Talented Bsc)

🔸Lwere Paul (Talented Bsc)
🔸Ssekulima Derrick (Talented Bsc)

*FT. Mutoola Bsc 4-7 KIU BSC*

Luboyera Herbert x3 (Mutoola Bsc)
Lwamunda Nasser x1 (Mutoola Bsc)
Eshioke Isaac x1 (KIU Bsc)
Babu Bashir x1 (KIU Bsc)
Muftau Yinusa x2 (KIU Bsc)
Muwonge Experito x1 (KIU Bsc)
Isaac Odeke x2 (KIU Bsc)

🔸🔸Kimuli Tomasi (Mutoola Bsc)
🔸Ssengendo Deo (Mutoola Bsc)
🔸Muftau Yinusa (KIU Bsc)
🔸Goloba Musa ( KIU Bsc)
♦Kimuli Tomasi (Mutoola Bsc)

*FT. Isabet Bsc 6-0 MS Sand Lions Bsc*

Buyala Baker x1 (Isabet Bsc)
Ssekasana Moses *OG* (Isabet Bsc)
Bakiranze Lawrence x1 (Isabet Bsc)
Lubwama Ibrahim x1 (Isabet Bsc)
Somoka Roch x2 (Isabet Bsc)

🔸🔸Ssekasana Moses (MS Sand Lions Bsc)
🔸Bakiranze Lawrence (Isabet Bsc)
♦Ssekasana Moses (MS Sand Lions)

*FT. Talented Bsc 11-8 Real Galacticos Bsc*

Ssekulima Derrick x5 (Talented Bsc)
Lwere Paul x2 (Talented Bsc)
Wasajja Keith x3 (Talented Bsc)
Nyenje Joseph x1 (Talented Bsc)
Kityo Edward Senoga x4 (Real Galacticos Bsc)
Kibalama Abdulkarim x1 (Real Galacticos Bsc)
Kafeero Hamis x3 (Real Galacticos Bsc)

*FT. St. Lawrence Bsc 9-1 KIU Bsc*

Ssimbwa Swalleh x4 (St. Lawrence Bsc)
Wasswa Emanuel x3 (St. Lawrence Bsc)
Ochero Sulaiman x2 (St. Lawrence Bsc)
Babu Bashir x1(KIU Bsc)

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