Malwedhe Vs Shaku Shaku: Which Dance Move/ Challenge Rocked 2018?

The Dance moves that rocked 2018 Across Africa

malwedhe challenge vs Shaku Shaku
malwedhe challenge

A lot happened in 2018 in the name of entertainment not only here in Uganda but across the continent. However, when it comes to dance, it was was such a year. A lot of new dance strokes emerged of which many turned into viral challeneges across the globe. Among those many, were the exeptionals. Today, let’s look at which dance move clicked most on Malwedhe and Shaku shaku.

Shaku Shaku dance

During the last month of 2018, Shaku Shaku was the most trending moves mainly in East Africa. From fellow musicians videos and concerts, TV hosts, the dance moves kept the party goers occupied. The dance steps mimics the walk of a drunkard or crazy antics pulled by someone high on weed.

This dance move originated from the vibrant streets of Agege in Lagos and pushed into mainstream media by Nigeria rap sensation Olamide in his song dubbed ‘Wo’. You can find more of this sensational dance move in Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny’s controversial song ‘Mwanza’, where it was packaged and delivered in a much localized manner.

Singer Olamide
Singer Olamide

Football players have also adopted the dance stroke as goal celebrations not only by players in the African local Leagues but also in the most followed Leagues in the world, such as the English Premier League. Remember the dance strokes that Arsenal’s star midfielder Alexander Iwobi pulled after scoring against Chelsea in August 2018.

Idibala/ Malwedhe Dance

The Idibala dance challenge is better known as Malwedhe dance across the globe. It originated from the song of a South African musician King Monada it his song Malwedhe Idibala. The song is about how he how he (King Monada) develops fainting spells when his lover cheats on him or fails to return home for the night.

The dance move gained populaity from Social media, with a bunch of mainly whats app and Facebook videos depicting its ‘fainting’ or ‘collapsing’ part in the chorus. From a class of bored university students in a lecture room, badly ‘hangover-ed’ staff at work, celebrity interviews on live television to wedding ceremonies with bride, bridegroom and their best men/women, the ‘fainting’ challenge reached every where.

Sportsmen also adopted the dance stroke/ challenge for instance, Rugby Kenyan Sevens team appeared in a video that they recorded themselves ‘fainting’ with the song playing in the background as they were entering the pitch for a game.

Due to the popularity of this move, King Monada got concerned on the lives of his fans who would try it out while doing risky activities such as driving.

Musician King Monada
Musician King Monada

“I appeal to my fans not to ‘Idibala’ (faint) while driving. They must dance responsibly this festive season.” He said.

There are lots of other dance challenges that rocked that we’ve decided to leave out, however it would be unfair to conclude without atleast giving an exerpt on yet another killer stroke that rocked, the Kwangwaru Dance.

These originated from the Kangwaru song, by Tanzanian musical heavyweights Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz. Besides featuring lewd lyrics, the video stages skimpily dressed vixens with humongous derriere dropping them like there is no tomorrow.

The dance was tried out by every gender and required one to slightly lean forward, swinging one’s hand and butt in tandem. The song and its moves was a ‘must have’ in the village deejays’ playlists during the infamous disco in almost every corner of East Africa, partly carrying blame for runaway pregnancies in the region.

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