Separation is not hatred, Don Zella is still Family – Big Eye

A few days back, a photo of Singer Big Eye with Don Zella and children went viral on social media, creating a traffic of buzz among their fans. Some even started saying that they two once lovebirds were back again to sire more kids.

However, the ‘Tusasanya’ singer has come out to clear air about all this.

He has turned down the allegations that they were back romantically. The faded singer claims that he doesn’t see separation in a relationship as hatred since this doesn’t delete away the good moments you used to have while still together.

“After seeing this photo, Many of you are gonna start saying mbu their back again (Bazeewo). But to me ‘seperation in a relationship is not hate’. So I don’t see any problem with taking photos with these people or family because i don’t

find it as a new thing.And once your people will always be your people. God bless them.” Big Eye posted on his Facebook page.

Big Eye Don Zella Bitter Split

Big Eye and Don Zella were once lovers, before they blown out their love candles over cheating allegations on both sides. The two share a kid though Don Zella once claimed that the kid was not his. They have been involved in verbal attacks. But it seems they have reconciled.

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