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Bika Bya Buganda Football Tournament 2019: 1st and 2nd Round Fixtures

Today evening, the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II is gracing the annual Bika Bya Baganda Football tournament opener between Musu and Mutiima Muyanja clans at St Nazareth S.S Kavulu, Mawokota.

The tournament is played only by the Baganda tribe people and it has been played since 1950 with Mbogo the initial winners and Mmamba Gabunga the record number of title holders, 10.

For the Buganda and Football enthusiasts, the first and secong round fixtures are already out and we have decided to share them with you here. . of thehe defending champions Nkima kick off from the round of 16 stage.

First Round Draw:

  • Musu Vs Mutima Muyanja
  • Nkejje Vs Ngabi Nsamba
  • Ngo Vs Kibe
  • Nsuma Vs Ngonge
  • Balangira Vs Nte
  • Njobe Vs Mamba Kakoboza
  • Ndiga Vs Ngaali
  • Mutima Musaji Vs Nvuma
  • Nkula Vs Nakinsige
  • Nvuubu Vs Lugave
  • Butiko Vs Nyonyi Ndisa
  • Kobe Vs Mazzi gakisasi
  • Nkusu Vs Mpeewo
  • Mpologoma Vs Kayoozi

Second Round Draw:

  • Winner Njovu & Mpeewo Vs Kasimba
  • Nyonyi Vs Ngeye
  • Fumbe Vs Ntalaganya
  • Kinyomo Vs Winner Ndiga & Ngaali
  • Mbwa Vs Winner Balangira & Nte
  • Nsenene Vs Winner Mpologoma & Kayoozi
  • Kiwere Vs Mbogo
  • Mamba Namakaka Vs Winner Nkusu & Njaza
  • Winner Butiko & Nyonyi Ndisa Vs Winner Kobe & Mazzi Gakisasi
  • Winner Ngo & Kibe Vs Nkerebwe
  • Winner Njobe & Mamba Kakoboza Vs Winner Nkejje & Ngabi Nsamba
  • Winner Nsuma & Ngonge Vs Ngabi Nyunga
  • Winner Musu & Mutima Muyanja Vs Winner Nvuubu & Lugave
  • Winner Mutima Musaji Vs Winner Nkula & Nakinsige

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