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‘Black Panther lives up to the hype’, What’s Your Opinion?

Great movies like the Fast and Furious have hit the African movie industry but none has lived up the hype as the now trending Black Panther. Just pass by you favorite movie rental shop, your ears will go deaf of other words, all you will be hearing is ‘Black Panther‘.

The sales of the Marvel Studio produced superhero movie has already broken records.

What is Black Panther All About?

It is a 2 hour 15 minutes movie that will keep your eyes glued to the screen due to its unbelievable cinematography, action packed scenes, ridiculously amazing costumes and unexpected humour.

It was based on the Marvel Comic Black Panther and all about T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) who returns to his home after the death of his father, the king of Wakanda. If you watched the last installment of Captain America (Civil War), these names will not seem new to you.

As T’challa assumes the role of king, he faces a conflict that defines his leadership as well as the fate of the African nation. Flanked by the women in his life including his mother (Angela Basset), his love (Lupita Nyong’o), sister (Letitia Wright) and general (Danai Gurira), T’Challa struggles between being King and correcting past mistakes.

How it Lives Up the Hype

The movie has been hyped internationally, even here in Uganda. This has kept those who have not yet gotten a chance of watching it in Cinemas in much eager towards it.

At a time when the comic franchise movies have resorted to weak plots, Black Panther has changed the conversation due to the depth of the message embedded within it. It raises the issue of black marginalization, the empowerment of women as well as the relationship between Africans and African Americans.

This is because its writers, scrip writers, directors or any other focused on portraying Wakanda as what Africa would have been had it not been colonised, but allowed to grow into its own.

They also focused on depicting women as strong characters who are army generals, geeks and humanitarians not forgetting showing the disconnect between the African Americans and the Africans in the motherland.

Back to my point, all the hype Black Panther has lived up is worthy to me as an African Man who always wishes the best to the Black race and I rate it 8.5/10

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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