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Braun Strowman and 10-year-Old Boy Win Wrestle-mania Tag Team Title

This is for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) lovers. Yesterday, Sunday 8th April marked the Wrestle mania 34 with fans enjoying a series of mind blowing matches. However, the battle that left many stunned was Raw Tag Team title match that was won by Braun Strowman partnering with a ’10-year-old’ who identified himself as Nicholas.

They were fighting ‘The Bar’ tag team made up of Sheamus and Casaro.

For those who have been following the WWE’s RAW matches, It should be noted that Braun Strowman had been looking for a partner for a number of weeks. This came in after his hopes of fighting alone at the Show of Shows were put on a standstill after being ] told by Raw GM Kurt Angle that he must find a partner to be able ake on The Bar.

Strowman Gets a Partner

Braun entered the ring alone in the Mercedes Benz Superdome and when asked who his partner would be, reponded; “My partner…is one of you!” before going out into the crowd to amazingly pick out a 10 Year Old boy for the match to get underway.

The Fight

Strowman and The Bar went hammer and tongs at one another, before one moment where Strowman had thrown Sheamus out of the ring, with both Strowman himself and Cesaro down. This is where Nicholas came in when he raised a hand to get a tag from his Team Mate, Braun.

‘The Bar’ tag team of Sheamus and Cesaro

Nicholas entered the ring and swiftly tagged his partner back into the match before Strowman powerslaming Cesaro, pick up the one, two, three, to win the tag titles for himself and the kid.

Who is Nicholas?

Meanwhile, according to reliable sources, Nicholas wasn’t just any random kid, bodyslam .net revealed that he is the son to WWE official John Cone.

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