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Stop Speculations… I worked smart for my Wealth – Bryan White

City socialite and tycoon Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White has come out on various occasions to defend himself about how he got his money. Many have it that he might be a fraudster just like fellow loaded socialites such as Jail Bird SK Mbuga and the man behind the ‘Tooth Pick in the Dessert’ sex tape, Jack Pemba while others assume that his money is associated to the President, his brother Saleh and some thing like that.

However, the wind blow-able money bags seems not to be pleased by these allegations and has requested all people and media platforms to stop speculating on the way he acquired his wealth. He says that all people should know that he worked smart for it and if he hadn’t used the right ways, you would have heard International Police issuing arrest warrants over his name.

Here is what Bryan White said during an exclusive interview at his pad in Munyonyo.

“I want to end all speculations about my wealth…. I did not get my money through dubious ways, I worked smart and like most rich people. If I did not use the right path, Interpol will come for me like it has with all criminals”

Brian White has for long maintained that he has been lucky to finally reap off his sweat, saying that he inherited his wealth from his demised Italian step-father some time back.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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