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Bryan White Clears Air on appearing in AK 47 Burial Photos

Recently, photos of Socialite brian white sitting on the floor with a worn-out face at singer AK 47’s burial in 2015 surfaced social media and caused a huge debate on the wind blowable tycoon.

Many commented wondering how he could have managed to collect the large chunks of money to his possession in merely only 3 years. Other were amazed as they expected that by that time he was abroad living a better life than he appears to be in the controversial photos. However, Brian Kirumira (Real names) has come out to clear air about this photo controversy.

Brian White (Left) in the photo during Late AK47’s burial

The pissed off Brian white asserts that he has always been in the country although never broke as most people are saying but was just invited to Italy after his father’s death.

Ugandans are stupid, I told you I was in Uganda and that I was just invited to Italy after my father’s death. Is there anyone who said that I was in UK working?…….
If you want to know the whole truth ask the Mayanja family the contribution I made on the funeral. I was never anyone’s handbag….
My sister was always taking care of me just like any youth I was always taking care of myself too and bought myself the car I had,” He said.

The thinned money bags advised people to accept those that are better than them.

“I was on AK-47 burial and I was in the picture from church,” he exclaimed

Brian White is currently the king of social scene who has signed various musicians to his BRYAN White Foundation program that makes charity donations across different district of Uganda.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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