Bukedde TV’s Namala Denied Access to KCCA Carnival VVIP Tent

Cries Like a baby

Bukedde TV’s ‘Enkyekya’ show presenter is still cursing the organisers of the recently concluded Kampala City Carnival after being denied to access the VVIP tent by the ruthless Police officers at Diamond’s show at Kololo Independence grounds.

She had passed through all the security checks at the event to the VIP tent. As you know according to the Maslow’s hierachy of human needs, human beings will never get enough, just after few minutes in the VIP section, she felt she deserved more. Her next move was to access the VVIP.

To the greatest shock of her life, the mean security guys bounced her back saying she had no right to be in the VVIP section. Though she begged them for like 10 minutes but they refused to listen to her pleas. The bubbly presenter reminded security guys that she is a presenter from Bukedde TV but they were not convinced.

As the night drew in, she finally found her way to the VVIP tent. She was seen in a celebratory mood as she mocked the security guys who had refused her access before later being seen begging KCCA MD, Jennifer Musisi for a selfie.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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