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Busia Man divorces wife for ‘fouling air’ during love making

There are no written rules, regulations or parameters that determine good or bad sex though once in a while, bedroom marathons can go awry, leaving either of the parties embarrassed.

Fed up and nonsense husband, Seth, a resident of a sleepy village tucked in remote parts of Busia County, thrown out his newly wed wife after she allegedly fouled the air while the two were ‘inside the blanket’ in a steamy baby making session making the place stinking like a KCCA dumpsite.

It is reported that the woman has an embarrassing habit of farting during intercourse, which seems to be beyond her control. As usual, she was overwhelmed by excitement and in a moment of reckless abandon, she lost self-control and let rip like a motorcycle exhaust, something this time her new husband didn’t take lightly since it has been happening but he always ignored and carried on.

He says that he felt it was disrespect of the highest order that his wife would unashamedly release loud toots. In a fit of rage, he expelled her in a rather unceremonious fashion, asking her to go back to her parents to learn manners.

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