Uganda, the Heart of Camping Safaris Adventure           

In the usual way of planning for your travel package, a camping safari will be more adventurous and cheaper especially for budget travelers but still, in any way luxury and budget camping safari can enhance your adventure experience respectively. Camping, practices the local authenticity of a camping region and always filled with horror tales of the wildness and surrounding people. Luxury and safari camping brings close proximately to the bush and wildness to experience Africa at hand with comfort. Camps in the middle of African savannah, woods and bushes where wildlife meander in their natural habitat.

Uganda safari camping bargains for exotic beauty and wealth of scenic view of the wild nature. Gifted with significant wildlife habitats including Kidepo valley national Park, the true African wildness in the northern part of the country, Murchison falls national park the world powerful waterfalls, Bwindi impenetrable national parks the ultimate Gorilla experience, Mgahinga Gorilla national park where gold meets sliver, Queen Elizabeth national park the medley of wonders, Kibale forest national park the primate capital of the world, Lake Mburo national park the whispers of the wild, Rwenzori mountain national park the mystical challenge, Semuliki national park the true birders’ haven and Mt. Elgon national park the world’s largest mountain caldera. The lodging facilities in most of these parks offer the best camping facilities and camping space for both luxury and budget in the midst of wildness.

Murchison Falls National park
There is alot to explore during your camping trip in any of Uganda’s wildlife parks such as Murchison Falls National park

Visiting the reach wildness, adventure Uganda camping tours offer unparalleled luxury in the wild bush, Camping can be done on trip with a guide or on a self-drive Car Rental with an international driving permit for foreign nationals. Thinking of where to camp in the wildness, most of the lodges in parks offer camping space at a designed cost, there also public campsites managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority and you can decide to do cooking for yourself in the sense of minimizing costs.

Tented camp safari renders the authentic African wildness that most lodges can’t offer, it gives an opportunity to discover the true image of African adventure at a reasonable price. Uganda’s natural landscape which is relatively flat in some parks and the weather conditions offering the best condition around the world for tented camping safari adventures.

In the interior of the wildness, tented campsite gives the best night visual for any emerging wild animals around which may include elephants, antelopes, warthogs and chances to here king of the jungle at the nearby roaming.

Getting a camping experience through a tour operator like Gorilla hub tours limited, you are to choose the camping style/facilities which may be a ground tent camping or a 4×4 roof tent camper van that can offer you a real camping adventure experience. Self-contained camping will be cheaper when organizing to travel, saves time and less restricted.

Among Africa tour operators, Gorilla hub tours limited will offer you best camping equipment to carry for your safari adventure and this can include, gas cooker cylinder, cooler box or ice box, full single or double tent, mattresses, table and seats, cartulary and sleeping bag, BBQ, cups, jug, knife, plates, sauce pans, bright light among others.

Public camping sites are advisably better for interactive visitors who would like to share with locals about their culture, interests and experiences, public camp sites sometimes have narrators telling local stories and teaching the local culture of that region.

Gorilla hub tours limited can offer you the best tailored camping safari adventure that suits your interests and desires, they may include Africa’s highlights like Gorilla trekking adventure, White water rafting, the big five adventure, 4×4 roof tent vehicle and can also book for you Gorilla trekking permit in advance.

Your camping experience will never be the same again if you camp at Nagusokopire campsite in Kidepo Valley National park or at the delta (point) in Murchison falls national park or even at Ishasha Campsite south of Queen Elizabeth National Park, among others. These are true African wilderness places that you never find elsewhere in the world. While here expect such noise from Hippos, Lions roars, lots of bird songs and a million stars in the sky while at the camp fire place.

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