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Car Rental in Uganda

The business of Car Hire In Uganda has been a thriving for many years, with many travel agencies joining this service-based business. These organizations should be fully licensed and registered.

The company that provides you with the vehicle becomes the car rental service provider, while you become the car hirer.

Car hire in Uganda has been modernized to the point where one can book/reserve a car online.

Why should you rent a car in Uganda?

Self drive Car hire in Uganda is very convenient for travelers because it saves a lot of money on car maintenance. The traveler is not required to pay for garage fees, insurance, or other car maintenance costs.

Car hire Uganda also comes with flexibility, convenience and offers you a wide selection of cars. It also comes with additional services like airport delivery, Pick ups, Group road trip tours and some agencies help their clients book Gorilla trekking permits.

If you do not need a car on a daily basis, renting one will save you a lot of money.

Most car rental companies do not provide fuel, so the car renter must budget for enough fuel to get to his or her destination.

When to rent a car

One can rent a car in Uganda at any time of year, but it is best to contact your car rental agency at least a month before the suggested travel dates. This allows the car rental company to reserve the car for you because it is not guaranteed that these cars will be parked all year.

The availability of cars in Uganda is heavily influenced by the tourism season. During peak season (June-August), it is extremely difficult to book a car because most are already reserved for tourists visiting the country.

In Uganda, who can rent a car?

Individuals, groups, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can hire a car from a registered car rental agency if they meet the requirements. The most ideal requirements are affordability (the ability to pay the car rental fees), a valid driving permit, passport, or national ID, and a valid driving permit, passport, or national ID. If a car hire request does not meet the requirements, the car rental company has the right to refuse it.

Before proceeding with the car rental, the car hirer should carefully read the Car hire terms. Different car rental companies have different terms for renting out their vehicles.

The cost of renting a car.

The cost of renting a car in Uganda varies depending on the agency, car type, and car condition. A 2WD automobile in good mechanical condition costs between $20 and $40 per day.

A 4×4 car in good mechanical condition costs between 35USD and 140USD per day, excluding fuel. Prices do not include the cost of a driver. Hiring a car with a driver adds about $20 per day to the cost.

Challenges with hiring a car

Price increases. It is true that rental prices are higher than public transportation prices. So, if you want to travel on a budget and save money, there are many alternatives such as taking public transportation, taxis, bikes, or services such as car sharing, carpooling, or hitchhiking.

Strict rules. Most car rental companies have quite strict terms and conditions, requiring you to return the car in an acceptable condition with no damages. Penalties and fines will be imposed for violations of traffic rules or property damage.

Additional fees. Read the terms and agreements carefully. When using the services provided by rental agencies, there may be additional charges, hidden fees, and costs.

Limitations. Not everyone is permitted to drive a car. You need a driving permit and you must be of a legal driving age (18years and above in Uganda)

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