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    Frequent Bathing can be harmful – Research

    Did you know that taking a shower frequently can be a danger to your health as according to research/ health scholars. See how it is scientifically explained: Our bodies harbor billions of micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi among others and in fact, these influence the body’s function, ranging from immunity to proper functioning of the […] More

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    Angelina Jolie Visit to Kenya

    ‘The tourist’ actress and film-maker Angelina Jolie recently had a low profile stay with our neighbors in Kenya to celebrate the World refugee day that took place in late June. The UNHCR special Envoy had some time at the International Peace Support Training Centre in Nairobi with refugee girls. She touched on the dangers that […] More

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    How to care for a male skin

    Libero mauris. Suspendisse vitae purus ligula. Morbi sed diam eget dolor posuere convallis vel vel nisl. Nulla sagittis efficitur ex, at sodales massa pulvinar a. Nunc quis lacinia eros. Fusce ac ipsum gravida, tristique sed felis augue dictum nec consectetuer quis. Elementum eu arcu nunc ornare nam. Vitae. More

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    Jay Leno recalls Robin Williams: ‘What a loss’

    Sed sodales posuere venenatis. In ullamcorper feugiat accumsan. Donec vitae dapibus arcu. Sed et tortor varius, imperdiet nunc id, fermentum mi. Donec congue in orci id blandit. Duis at congue nisl. Mauris dui erat, ultricies ut rhoncus eu, feugiat non nisl. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed eu tellus quam. Etiam pellentesque […] More