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    Kenyan Singer Jimmy Gait’s Insta, FB Accounts Hacked & Wiped Clean

    As cases of Cyber crimes are at a high rate of increase in East Africa, it has proven to be a real challenge especially to celebrities and politicians that keep on losing their accounts to Black-hat hackers. Latest from the Kenyan Gospel Singer, Jimmy Gait is about his social media accounts being hacked recently. These […] More

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    Software Review: Psiphon Pro, Free Internet Access Mobile App

    Did you know that you can get free Internet and get connected to blocked websites by just installing a Mobile Application on you phone. This is none other than Psiphon Pro Android Mobile Application. It is currently trending in countries where the connectivity to some web portals is restricted such as China where google and […] More

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    WhatsApp to let you un-send embarrassing messages

    Recently from our technology section is only good news to WhatsApp users who are prone to typos or drunk texting. The world’s number one online short messaging platform is working on a feature that could let users unsend embarrassing messages in case if they haven’t already been seen by the recipient The latest beta release […] More

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    Smart Wallet on market: It Can’t get lost

    Here is a smart wallet that has taken security to the extreme!! Keep away pick pocketers by acquiring your self a Volterman Smart Wallet that cant get lost/ stolen to keep your money and documents safe. It packs about as much technology as your smartphone, including 512MB of RAM, power bank, GPS tracker, distance sensitive […] More

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    Tablets are great for early morning meetings

    Meditation synth trust fund, Schlitz 8-bit Tonx skateboard. Vice wayfarers quinoa gentrify, scenester Truffaut cliche XOXO distillery try-hard wolf fixie fingerstache Portland twee. Semiotics blog Marfa, stumptown normcore authentic retro beard Pitchfork flexitarian single-origin coffee. Tonx kale chips banjo street art meggings next level, drinking vinegar mumblecore quinoa you probably haven’t heard of them irony […] More

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    Twitter embed example

    This is an example of a standard post with twitter embed. Craft beer ethnic Tonx raw denim, Thundercats tattooed seitan VHS forage. Before they sold out gluten-free master cleanse pug cliche. Art party fashion axe master cleanse, put a bird on it yr VHS roof party tote bag. The Future of WordPress with @collis […] More

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    Video post with built-in video player

    Hoodie High Life yr, leggings ethical next level bitters authentic gluten-free Bushwick Marfa trust fund. Slow-carb 8-bit Helvetica artisan ugh meggings. Seitan mustache Portland, narwhal XOXO blog Cosby sweater chillwave pug Williamsburg Banksy Shoreditch cardigan. Ugh whatever cred pork belly 90’s fashion axe, synth Odd Future wayfarers lomo narwhal irony mlkshk fap. Sriracha leggings […] More