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Celebrity Biography: Who is Kataleya and Kandle?

If you always listen to radio, watch local Tvs or a good follower of the Uganda entertainment industry, you are probably familiar with the ‘Do me’ or ‘Muzibe wa Love’ songs making a big seal acros different Airwaves. The voices behind these hit songs and many more are none other than Uganda’s anticipated next biggest duo by stage names Kataleya and Kandle.

The local music industry has been blessed by a number of success stories of singing duos & groups and this could be the next one. Among the all female, we have had of the Blu*3, Obsession, Dream Girlz and HB Toxic that are all defunct among others. Kataleya and Kandle are the latest we have now.

Many don’t know who Kataleya or Kandle is of the two as they always inseparable. In this photo; Kataleya is donning a Red dress while Kandle, green.

Who are they, it’s what we are about to know.

Early life and Education

Kataleya was born on the 19th of December in the 90’s. By real names, Kataleya is called Namakula Hadijah and she went to Apostolic primary school in Mengo then Noah’s Ark in Rubaga for high school.

Kandle was born Nabatuusa Rebecca Robins on the 22nd of February and went to Bunamwaya C/U primary school and Kyambogo College.

How they met

Though may think they are related biologically, Kataleya and Kandle are best friends who have been together for some years after initially meeting on a birthday party.

Kandle and Kataleya

Yes! Kandle while accompanying a friend to a birthday party, met Kataleya who was the birthday girl. It was just a simple ‘hi’ that sparked off the friendship that later on blossomed to an unbreakable bond of best friendship after exchanging numbers and connecting for sometime. This is how they found out that they could both sing.

Musical Journal

The two decided to come together musically because of the same ideologies they had towards music, they both have the love of it. And being nothing like a girl duo by the time they started singing in Uganda was also their other inspiration. Their music journey is likely the same as of any other Ugandan musician. After searching for someone to invest in their dream and their efforts hitting a dead end, the duo decided to do it themselves, an action they don’t regret. The promised themselves that whoever wants to work with them would find them on the way.

Kandle and Kataleya during a video shoot of their ‘Nkunonya’ hit song

According to Kandle, the two started music at around 2017 to 2018, after realizing there was no female singing duo by the time. It was her idea too to cover up that gap.

Kataleya and Kandle’s passion for music and talent earned them signatures at Theron Music which is a label that is managing them. While doing a recording session at Nessim’s Studio, he informed them about the music auditions that Theron Music (a record label) had organized. They reached out to them, auditioned and a few months later, they received a call informing them that they wanted to sign them.

The two argue that they are not described by any music genre as they believe they are versatile and indeed, they are. They can do dance hall, afrobeat, soul and much more.


The two do not see their future always in music as each of them still has a dream to pursue. Kataleya wants to be a pilot and Kandle an air hostess and if a chance comes, they can’t miss it. However because of the love and passion they have for music, they say they are here today and ready to take over the world.


As of any career, doing music comes with a lot of challenges. To them, being a public figure has been the main source of the bumps in their music journey.

One thing they point out is about the wardlobe and social life. They say that back in the day they could dress up any way they wished, hang out at any kafunda or eat from any restaurant but all changed after hitting the limelight.

Possible Future as a duo

Unlike other duos we have seen that have existed strong and later broke up, Kataleya and Kandle are sure they stay together longer. First of all, lean the fate of their longevity as a duo to their management Theron Music that always have their back despite what people say about groups. They also say they have done a lot of research about challenges different singing groups have faced worldwide and have learnt a lot from their mistakes and experiences.

Romantic Relationships

According to Kandle, the two at the moment are deeply in love with their music.

Hobbies and Likes

Both love fashion, movies, and traveling. They like to take care of themselves as they both love to look good. During free time, the two spend some time with their families; listen to music, watch series, work out and much more.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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