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10 Facts About Mowzey Radio & all his songs (232 songs) – In Memory of Radio

Ugandan crooner Mowzey Radio, who died 2 years back (1st Feb 2018), will be remembered for his rich voice in the many songs that he sang along with his music-companion Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel, with whom they made the formidable duo of Radio & Weasel, Goodlyfe Crew.

But there is a lot that many of his fans didn’t know about him. So, since today would be his 37th birthday, had he been in the land of the living, and yet precisely a week to come will be two years ever since his tragic demise, we’ve decided to give you some of the facts about the fallen legend:

1. Birth
Mowzey Radio was born on 25th/January/1983 and was given a name of Moses Ssekibogo Nakintijje. Though the details about Moses’ father are really equivocal, on the other hand Kasubo Jane was that lady who mothered the angelic-voiced singer. Moses Sekibogo was a Ugandan and it is claimed that he was from the Basoga tribe in eastern Uganda, Jinja.

2. Education
The fallen singer attained a degree in Psychology and was an alumnus of the prestigious Makerere University. He started his early education at Alliance Nursery School, Malongwe Primary School, Kibuye Primary and later went to Lakeview Secondary and Kiira College for his ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels. He later proceeded to Makerere University on course of pursuing his attained degree in Psychology.

3. Music Career
He started as Jose Chameleone’s back-up artiste together with Chameleone’s brother, Weasel. Having been involved in singing since his childhood, Radio was mentored by Jose Chameleone when he launched his music career. He later teamed up with Chameleone’s younger brother Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel to produce some of the biggest hits from East Africa.

Radio and Weasel sung under their own Goodlyfe Crew throughout their illustrious music career. Prior to his death, Mowzey had formed a label known as ‘Angel Music’ which was meant to keep and protect all his works, such as his own songs along with the songs he wrote for other musicians. Still about Angel Music, why he chose that locution, the fallen singer stressed that it’s because the type of their music (with Weasel) is kind of angelic – thus the genesis of ‘Angel Music’! Below is the interview of radio and weasel talking about the genesis of ‘Angel Music’.

4. Feud with his Mentor
Mowzey Radio’s big break came when he, alongside Weasel disagreed with Chameleone over payments during a trip to perform in the USA in 2007. Upon returning to Kampala, the two broke ranks with the already immensely successful Chameleone to form the Goodlyfe Crew, and the rest [as they say] is history..…..

Radio together with Weasel beefed with their mentor for a very long time but they later reconciled and by the time the crooner died, he had done some hits together with his mentor, which are; mukisenge, the best I know, panadol and hallo, among others which are even yet to be released!

5. Biggest Hit Song
After breaking from Chameleone’s camp, Radio teamed with Chameleone’s brother ‘Weasel’ to make a duo of Radio and Weasel. The duo recorded ‘Nakudata‘ with Os Suuna and was a very big jam by that time and it honestly catapulted Mowzey Radio and Weasel to instant fame. The duo would later release several tracks that would greatly appeal to their fan base worldwide, including; Kuku, Zuena, Nyumbani, Potential, Bread and Butter, talk and talk, breath away, leesu, magnetic, don’t cry, nyambura, lwaki onumya, and Neera, among others.

To pick the duo’s biggest hit song would really be a very tricky puzzle but at least among those to think about are; nakudata (the inaugural of Radio & Weasel), can’t let you go (took them to BET), and bread and butter (an unrivalled jam during its release). Before meeting his sudden death, Radio had sung over 200 songs and more are being released even when he is no more. He last featured in a music video in the duo’s duet with Spice Diana dubbed ‘Kyuma’ though woefully he didn’t take a glimpse of it as it was officially released after his cataclysmic demise.

6. A Superb Song Writer
Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Moses Radio is one of Uganda’s greatest writers of all time as the singer not only penned down all the duo’s hit songs (aided by his companion ‘Weasel’) but also wrote many hit songs to his fellow musicians, such as; kibulamu for Winnie Nwagi, Kalibatanya, twalina omukwano and wakajanja for Juliana Kanyomozi, Sukaali for Diana Nalubega, tikula for Rema Namakula, Masuuka for Lydia Jazmine, danger and dagala for Lillian Mbabazi, and many others.

7. Personal Life
Radio sired three official children with two women. He left behind two young kids he bore with Lillian Mbabazi, an old flame he met in campus – who is also a musician. These two kids are; Asante Manzi Nakintijje and Zuba Nakintijje. Radio sired a third biracial child, Theo Kingsley Ssekibogo – first born, with a Caucasian woman known as Karen Gammeltoft, who has preferred to live her life out of the limelight. Though seen as a very controversial figure, out of the camera he was a very caring and loving father – he had a satisfactory parental love to his three children.

radio and karen with their son Kingsley
weasel with his daughter and Radio’s first born son Kingsley Sekibogo
radio and his last born Zuba
Radio’s son Asante Manzi Sekibogo
chagga, karen, kingsley, and weasel with daughter Thea

8. Untimely death
Before meeting his death, Radio sustained fatal injuries on his head ensued from a bar brawl at a pub known as DE BAR in Entebbe, on 22nd/January/2018. It is reported the he had gone for a drink with a pal but while there, he was involved in a scuffle. Thereafter, in the scuffle, a one Troy Wamala (bar bouncer) ended the singer’s life.

The singer was immediately rushed to Emmanuel Clinic in Entebbe before being transferred to Nsambya Hospital and then to the Case Clinic where he breathed his last from. The hunt for Radio’s Scourge kicked off toot-sweet and after the many court meetings, Troy (main defendant) was found guilty of killing the singer but this was accidentally and so he was accused of manslaughter on 28th/October/2019 and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Radio with Lillian Mbabazi
Radio with Lillian Mbabazi and their daughter

Radio officially met his death on 1st/February/2018 after staying in coma for well-nigh a fortnight. Radio passed on at the Case Hospital in Kampala and his death [as might be expected] shocked the nation and his fans across the continent.
Mowzey Radio’s Mausoleum is to be opened officially to public on the 1st of February 2020, next week.

And from those dates on wards, the Mausoleum will be made a tourist site in Uganda as stamped in by the Minister of state for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Honorable Kiwanda Godfrey Suubi, as a way of remembering the good deeds by the fallen singer. Meanwhile, one will have to leave some nominal fee that will be used to take care of the Mausoleum.

The family has also requested all fans and friends to forward photos that they took together with Mowzey Radio so that they can be displayed in a certain slot in the Mausoleum and this could be the biggest tourist site in the country. There will also be a big flat screen playing the singer’s hit music videos back to back, on a daily basis.

9 Connection with friends
Palpably Weasel was Radio’s closest friend along with the likes of Chagga, Washingston, Emma Carlos, Emotions Feeling, Bushington, and Erli Arkhis among others. All these friends say that the deceased singer was a candid guy who couldn’t hide something that hurts him but rather say it out; whether it hurts you or not. His friends say that though Radio was seen as a very controversial person, he was a very kind and easy guy if at all you understand him.

radio with some of his friends; weasel, wizkid and washingston

10 Charity
Few people could really expect that Mowzey Radio was a kind person to an extent of taking care of the needy not until his untimely death. When Radio died, many people came to know that the crooner had a school of needy children that he was funding – St Maria Goretti Primary School, in Buziga. It’s really a pity that the needy children’s full time breadwinner died, thus their school perishing and currently no one knows the whereabouts of the school and the children.

11 How many songs did Mowzey Radio have?
For sure no one will ever undermine Mowzey Radio’s writing prowess; he was this singer who could have more than 10 hit songs per year and by the time of his death, he had produced very many songs but we are even more surprised that many of his songs are still coming out besides the fact that he is no more.

It is even claimed that there are very many unreleased songs of the late and one day, in an interview, his music companion (Weasel) said that him and Radio still have songs in their studio (Goodlife Magic) that can be released for over 10 years ahead. Meanwhile, among his songs include:

1 tujja kuba wamu (moses radio)
2 Jenifer (moses radio)
3 sweet lady (moses radio)
4 wine up (radio and weasel)
5 kiluma (radio and weasel)
6 nakudata (radio and weasel ft os suna)
7 lwaki onumya (radio and weasel)
8 bread and butter (radio and weasel)
9 single and searching (radio and weasel)
10 nkyakujukira (radio ft rocky giant)
11 scratch my back (radio and weasel ft Vanessa mdee)
12 searching (radio ad weasel ft kuklee)
13 ngamba (radio and weasel)
14 nakutamani (radio and weasel)
15 nyambura (radio and weasel)
16 nyumbani (radio and weasel ft viboyo)
17 faces (radio and weasel ft sami)
18 don’t cry (radio and weasel ft wizkid)
19 get no love (radio and weasel ft wizkid)
20 visa key (radio and weasel ft wizkid)
21 Beyonce and Jayz remix (radio and weasel ft wizkid)
22 Beyonce and Jayz (radio and weasel)
23 lwaki tokula – kanywamusayi (radio and weasel)
24 kidula (radio and weasel)
25 tubonga nawe (radio and weasel ft all stars)
26 neera (moses radio)
27 Museveni Neera (moses radio)
28 take you home (radio and weasel)
29 can’t let you go (radio and weasel)
30 breath away (radio and weasel)
31 fire and butter (radio and weasel ft Beanie Man)
32 tambula nange (moses radio)
33 mukama talya mandazi (radio and weasel)
34 dudu (radio and weasel ft shanks gumaras)
35 nkwagala (moses radio)
36 sembera (radio ft lito boss)
37 juicy juicy (radio and weasel)
38 engule (radio and weasel ft Juliana kanyomozi)
39 nfula zaabu (radio and weasel ft pastor Bugembe)
40 tornado (radio and weasel ft Kid Gaju)
41 nyongera amanyi (moses radio)
42 byamutima (radio and weasel ft serena bata)
43 leesu (moses radio)
44 wankyawa (moses radio)
45 lola (radio and weasel)
46 hafuswana (radio and weasel)
47 Lamborghini (radio and weasel)
48 saawa ya beer (radio and weasel)
49 gitawo (radio and weasel)
50 home to africa (radio and weasel ft pj powers)
51 done (radio and weasel ft loncville)
52 jaburata remix (kay switch ft radio and weasel, pallaso)
53 jah guide me (radio and weasel ft AK 47)
54 Nanansi (Chagga ft moses radio)
55 comando (radio and weasel ft navio)
56 omanyi mukama (radio and weasel)
57 gutamiiza (radio and weasel ft b2c)
58 sky walker (radio and weasel ft mighty son)
59 wankwata (radio and weasel ft dizzo)
60 romantic call (moses radio)
61 amazima (radio and weasel ft blaq fuego)
62 ability (radio and weasel ft rabadaba)
63 potential (radio and weasel ft general ozzie)
64 tompona (radio and weasel ft Leira Kayondo)
65 tononya (radio and weasel ft desire luzinda)
66 gyal dem (radio and weasel ft buffalo souljah)
67 fitting (radio and weasel ft desire luzinda)
68 the best I know (radio and weasel ft jose chameleone)
69 hallo (radio and weasel ft jose chameleone)
70 panadol(radio and weasel ft jose chameleone)
71 mukisenge (radio and weasel ft jose chameleone)
72 skin tight (mr eazi ft efya ft radio and weasel, pallaso)
73 mr right (radio and weasel ft gnl)
74 machozi (radio and weasel ft gnl)
75 sitani (radio and weasel)
76 am in love (radio and weasel ft Lillian mbabazi)
77 sweet love (radio and weasel ft Lillian mbabazi)
78 dagala (radio and weasel)
79 mary jane (radio and weasel)
80 technique (moses radio)
81 multiply by two (radio and weasel ft Angella katatumba)
82 bikoola (radio and weasel ft Irene ntale)
83 kyuma (radio and weasel ft spice Diana)
84 one of a kind (radio and weasel ft chance nalubega)
85 mayumba kumi (dax vibes ft moses radio)
86 no mother should die (radio and weasel ft all stars)
87 bigambo (moses radio ft gravity omutujju)
88 byagana (radio and weasel ft ziza bafana)
89 money (radio and weasel)
90 ba customer (radio and weasel)
91 batulinde (radio and weasel)
92 hellena (radio and weasel ft david lutalo)
93 dirty trigger (radio and weasel ft divine b)
94 five star girl (radio and weasel)
95 apara ango (moses radio ft selen okello kello)
96 am so high (radio and weasel ft sizza man)
97 abatesi (radio and weasel ft chance nalubega)
98 africa (radio and weasel ft children mission)
99 ndi munayuganda (radio and weasel)
100 twamukwekula (radio and weasel ft Orlando)
101 african time (radio and weasel)
102 akapapula (radio and weasel)
103 amari (radio and weasel ft sean simple)
104 ekyama (radio and weasel)
105 nkwegomba (radio and weasel)
105 nkwetaga (radio and weasel)
106 heart attack (radio and weasel)
107 nkoye (radio ft AVM)
108 bangi (moses radio)
109 bring me back (radio and weasel)
110 bwebityo (radio and weasel ft Oscar muwonge)
111 bwondekawo (radio and weasel)
112 somesa Eggwanga (radio and weasel)
113 niwe yawe (moses radio)
114 carolina (radio and weasel ft okello sam)
115 kintu (moses radio)
116 condemn (radio and weasel ft Little Tammy)
117 come now (radio and weasel)
118 corruption (radio and weasel ft bakri)
119 crucify (radio and weasel)
120 do you know me before (radio and weasel ft Mezaya)
121 dream on (radio and weasel)
122 dunda (radio and weasel)
123 dusk till dawn (radio and weasel ft jay twice)
124 I don’t wana say goodbye (radio and weasel ft east African rebelz)
125 enyimba zomukwano (moses radio)
126 enyimba zomukwano remix (radio and weasel)
127 eriiso (radio and weasel ft unique)
128 everything I do (radio and weasel)
129 feeling (radio and weasel ft Rectangle)
130 football (radio and weasel ft Dizzo)
131 forgotten (radio and weasel ft sizza man)
132 gezagezamu (radio and weasel)
133 golden gyal (radio and weasel ft mighty son, buki solja, Mezaya)
134 pollination (radio and weasel ft Obsessions)
135 dembesa (radio and weasel ft Da twinz)
136 amaaso (radio and weasel ft Pallaso and the Mess)
137 Kiboko (radio and weasel ft Amani)
138 goodnight (radio and weasel)
139 gudi gude (radio and weasel ft khalifah Aga Naga)
140 gyal next door (radio and weasel ft tonics)
141 hamidah (radio and weasel)
142 how we do it remix (radio and weasel ft Keko)
143 how we do it (moses radio ft Keko)
144 kama katono (radio and weasel)
145 kankunganye (radio and weasel ft mun g)
146 kanyaga (radio and weasel)
147 kanyonyi kange (radio and weasel ft Bucha Man)
148 khadija (radio and weasel ft dizzo)
149 kilimanyi (radio and weasel)
150 kuku (radio and weasel)
151 let dem know (radio and weasel)
152 owomukwano (moses radio)
153 amasanyalaze g’ejinja (moses radio)
154 let’s connect (radio and weasel ft sizza man)
155 locomotive – whistle song (radio and weasel ft all stars)
156 selam (radio and weasel ft Ftsum Beraki)
157 maama – kasubo jane (moses radio)
158 magnetic (radio and weasel)
159 obudde (radio and weasel)
160 malaika (moses radio)
161 mary jane (moses radio)
162 maze okwetegereza (radio and weasel ft maro)
163 mbagaliza kweyagala (radio and weasel)
164 move on remix (radio and weasel)
165 move on (moses radio)
166 londa nze (moses radio)
167 mpanirira (radio and weasel ft deena)
168 music (moses radio ft bruce melody)
169 mwana wa bandi (radio and weasel)
170 my life (radio and weasel ft dogo janja)
171 tabula edagala (radio and weasel)
172 nah normal (radio and weasel ft A Pass)
173 ring a bell (radio and weasel)
174 ndayifite (radio and weasel ft urban boyz)
175 ngenda maaso (radio and weasel)
176 nkyali bubi – terminator (gnl, diamond Oscar ft moses radio)
177 number emu (radio and weasel)
178 ole (radio and weasel)
179 one in a million (radio and weasel ft silver x)
180 omuwala (moses radio ft all stars)
181 osobola (radio and weasel ft chagga)
182 oyaka (moses radio ft all stars)
183 sumulula (pallaso ft radio and weasel)
184 summer time (radio and weasel ft Pallaso)
185 paradise (radio and weasel ft all stars)
186 pete kidole (radio and weasel ft urban boyz)
187 play it again (radio and weasel ft dj pius)
188 plenty (radio and weasel)
189 fantastic (radio and weasel)
190 wait for your love – until yo ready (radio and weasel)
191 you make me cry (radio and weasel ft diamond oscar)
192 ntwalako out (radio and weasel)
193 camila (radio and weasel)
194 talk and talk (radio and weasel)
195 ntunga (radio and weasel)
196 remember me (radio and weasel)
197 rewind (radio and weasel)
198 sambala (radio and weasel ft MB Law and Rhapsody)
199 zino enaku (radio and weasel ft all stars)
200 zuena (radio and weasel)
201 siku nyingi (radio and weasel ft omey dee)
202 simanyi nsonga (moses radio ft don mc kapata)
203 simunino (radio and weasel)
204 sit down (radio and weasel)
205 lunaku lw’ambaga (radio and weasel)
206 I love you (radio and weasel ft vampino)
207 there she go (radio and weasel ft dj madengo)
208 tobutereka (radio and weasel ft shanks)
209 maama wa baana bange (radio and weasel ft tom close)
210 tonjagala (radio and weasel)
211 tovawo (radio and weasel ft Santana)
212 unaniumiza sana (radio and weasel ft Rachel kay)
213 tigo (moses radio ft kitoko, urban boyz, riderman, dream boys)
214 I need a girl (radio and ft General Ozzie)
215 where have you been (radio and weasel ft fille)
216 where you are (radio and weasel ft blu 3)
217 yeggwe (radio and weasel ft Maureen Nantume)
218 rescue me (radio and weasel ft tonics)
219 180 (radio and weasel ft red bantom)
220 mr dj (radio and weasel ft all stars)
221 taxi man (radio and weasel ft sizza man)
222 omukisa mpeewo (radio and weasel)
223 street lights (radio and weasel)
224 la meme (radio and weasel – toofan cover)
225 jingle bells (radio and weasel ft toofan – coke studio)
226 akalimu (radio and weasel ft gnl)
227 come now (radio and weasel)
228 akasisi (radio and weasel)
229 akapapula kakusala (radio and weasel)
230 julaina (radio and weasel)
231 take my heart (radio and weasel ft general ozzy)
232 looking for (radio and weasel ft jose chameleone, pallaso and kayswitch)

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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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