Eddy Kenzo Commands His Fans/Team To Cease Fire Amid His Protest Against Sheikh Muzaata

Eddy Kenzo has for a week been linked in a cold war with one of the muslim religious leaders by names of Sheikh Muzaata who he accuses of disrespect. As a recapitulate, Sheikh Muzaata was one of the people who attended Eddy Kenzo’s ex-wife’s, Rema, kukyala ceremony and he was among the few people who gave speeches on that ceremony.

And this is where the Kenzo-Muzaata feud evolved from as in the latter’s speech were some words which were indirectly targeting the former and in fact others were totally disrespecting and demeaning him. In Muzaata’s speech, he indirectly called the sitya loss singer a ‘friend of Dorothy’ and didn’t end there but further asked him to go and marry his mother, who is dead now. All these words are said to have traumatized Eddy Kenzo, especially calling him a ‘friend of Dorothy’ and also to go marry his dead mother.

Eddy therefore asked sheikh Muzaata to either bring the proof showing he is a friend of Dorothy, or he apologizes to him immediately and failure to do so, the Big Talent Boss had promised to do something more dangerous to the sheikh, come what may.

sheikh Muzaata

He has however decided to stop all what he was planning to do with his team, which included to go and camp at Muzaata’s home, to face him in person in whichever way, though he had intentionally announced that he will camp at Kibuli Mosque in befogging the police not to interrupt his ambitions. Thanks to Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, Sheikh Ndirangwa, Dr Jose Chameleone, Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga and others who have advised Eddy Kenzo not to do what he was planning with his team and instead further advised him to handle the issue in a mature way, which he also respected.

Eddy Kenzo has now accepted to sit with Sheikh Muzaata, in peace, and settle all their misunderstandings to resuscitate their relationship. Kenzo has also called upon his team to stop all what they had started doing at Sheikh Muzaata which included, attacking his home and burning his posters. We really wish everything comes back to normal….

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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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