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City Slay Queen Who Drugs and Robs Men Netted


Police has netted a city slay queen who has been targeting high profile personalities in luxury hotels and bars and robs them.

The victim identified as Aine Jackie Mbabazi was arrested by the Flying squad Unit in Kampala and according to reports, she has been moving with chloroform in her bag, that she puts in her victim’s drink.

City Slay Queen
City Slay Queen identified as Mbabazi

When she realizes that you are unconscious and you are on the dance floor, Ms Mbabazi will assist you to sit down and she robs you.” a local social media blogger earlier reported.

Furthur reports indicate that Mbabazi has been using the same method to men who have been taking her to their homes.

“When you decide to to take her home, she administer the chloroform, when you are dead a sleep, she alerts her colleagues who have a vehicle. They take everything from your house.”

Police however cautioned men to be careful with strangers they meet in bars and hotels.

“We want to caution men to always be very careful towards women you meet in these bars for the first time. When you are having a drink with a strange, constantly monitor your drink.” Police noted.