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DID YOU KNOW! Teacher John Ssenfuma!

Today’s Womb Escape beb, The one and Only “Red-ghost” Girl Child hunter;


Today’s womb escape beb, the one and only “Red-ghost” girl child hunter;

Meet Teacher John Ssenfuma the alleged teacher who was caught red handed going on the battle front with nuclear ballistic missiles to an under-aged 15-year old girl.

Ssenfuma, the teacher, was eventually released from jail after the resolution of certain justifiable issues. He asserted his innocence, citing the circumstances as a trap.

You still wounder why he was carrying all the armory! Today, join your hands if you were born today and celebrate your birthday with the true ”boy child” Teacher John Ssenfuma.

Happy birthday Legendary teacher John Ssenfuma!

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Written by Kusaasira Noah

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