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Eddy Kenzo Reveals the First Time he Met Ex Girlfriend Rema Namakula

Kenzo and Rema during their hey days

Eddy Kenzo – Rema Namakula romantic union has been one of the most sought after celebrity relationship in the country for the past 5 years they have been living together.

Many wished the best for them including taking a bigger step in legalising their relationship but it suddenly all came to an end when both parties failed to agree on some matters better known by them, that lateron saw the ‘Siri Muyembe’ songstress moving on with another man known as Dr Hamza Sebunya.

However, as it is on what could have led to the failure of these two living together, there has been a lot of controversies on how they met. Some have had it that they met on a musical show while others it was a link-connection by Rema’s Guardian mother Halima Namakula till yesterday when the BET Award winner finally revealed when they first met and how it ended up romantic wise.

While talking to NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe on Mwasuze Mutya show, Kenzo said that he first met while he was still at Lubiri SS. He had gone to former WBS TV to meet Miles Rwamiti and that is where he found young Rema together with Halima Namakula. Rema had come to submit her song titled ‘Maama’ that caught Kenzo’s attention thus becoming friends.

“We became very close friends, sharing ideas concerning music and helping each other musically.” He continued,

Meanwhile, their friendship later turned romantic wise while they were on a 3 – weeks holiday/ vacation together that lateron gifted them a baby girl known as Aamal.

In the same interview, Kenzo also asserted that him and Rema are at peace since the separation was agreed upon in a series of meetings they used to have in the wee hours of the night from

their bedroom.

“We would wake up late in the wee hours of the night like at around 3am or 4am and then we sit, talk, cry, laugh and pray then we would go to sleep again just like that for several months.

However when I saw we failed to reach a common agreement, we decided to separate ways peacefully.” He revealed

He however insisted not to reveal what details they used to discuss about during these meetings.


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