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‘He has worked for it’ – Miki Wine on Eddy Yawe’s 2 Billion Mansion


Recently, musician Eddy Yawe who is a brother to celebrated musicians including Bobi Wine and Miki Wine among others completed his multi million mansion.

The magnificent 2 billion Uganda shillings estimated house is located at Kireka Hill seated on close to five acres of land and has sent tongues wagging on social media with many pointing to its successful completion towards beneficiaries of the NRM government.

However the Sulubada high Skool boss disagrees with allo those with this ill belief. To Mike Wine, his brother Eddy Yawe has been working tirelessly for the last 16years and he continues to do so thus asking critics to rater seek advice from him on how to invest and build such a luxurious mansion than downplaying his efforts.