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Irene Ntale To Quit Swangz Avenue


Sources close to songstress Irene ntale have it that the singer is currently unhappy at Swangz Avenue and might be on her way out. The “Bikoola” hitmaker who has been with the record label for about 3 years now feels she is not being treated right by her bosses and wants to terminate her contract. Ntale is accusing her bosses of neglecting her career and shifting their focus to promoting Winnie NWAGI, a thing that she calls unfair. A source reveals that the Swangz Avenue bosses are not happy with her work lately because Nwagi is making more money for the group than her. The source reveals, “The fans also seem to like Winnie Nwagi more yet she has been around for a while, a thing that has frustrated her to the extent of wanting to quit the group”