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I don’t give a f*.. Watch yo mouth: Pemba After Social Media Troll


Jack Pemba has been the topic this week allover all kinds of media. From the high court issuing a warranty to the Police of Uganda ordering for his arrest and presentation before 27th April (tomorrow) to releasing his own sex tape after girlfriend turned down his demands of paying him USD 5,000 to withhold them, he had to headline all media.

However, when it came to online media including blogs and social media that allow followers’ reactions, uhmm Pemba couldn’t hold the guts of keeping his lips glued in the hiding where he has so far sought for asylum after reading their trolls towards him. Many termed him disgraceful and a disabled man.

Despite his apology and good words earlier in the morning when he revealed that the video was released unintentionally, he ‘ate’ his words. He now says he doesn’t care about what any one says and think of him. He is tired of people judging him yet they are better at wrong deeds than him.

“I don’t give a f*** about what you think about me. I being sorry don’t give you the right to judge me. Watch your mouth.. I love my country Tanzania,” he posted.