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‘Feffe Bussi is a day dreamer, I’ve Never Slept With Him’ – Lydia Jazmine

Feffe Bissi with Lydia Jazmine

The ‘Masuuka’ singer Lydia Jazmine has come out to trash the sprouting rumor that she has ever had a romantic relationship with rapper Feffe Bussi that even led to losing her virginity to him.

This follows the recent revelations that the pencil thinned rapper and Jazmine were a pair and inseparable back then as the two were in the same school and that he used to feast on her ‘animal’ until when she joined music and became famous.

Feffe Bussi
Rapper Feffe Bussi

However, according to the Curvaceous singer, the self proclaimed smallest rapper is just a day dreamer and has been her secret admirer for so long from school.

Singer Lydia Jazmine
Singer Lydia Jazmine

“He is a day dreamer and he is going to wake up soon. He has never seen a single thread of my knickers.” The ‘You and me’ singer exclaimed

Lydia Jazmine added on that the ‘who is who’ hit maker has been begging for a share since S.2.