About two weeks back, over 32 lives demised after the boat that was carrying parties from KK beach in Munyonyo to Palm beach in Mukono capsized in lake Victoria near Mutima Beach, Mukono.

It is claimed that the boat (MV Templar) had more than 100 people on board including celebrities such as singer Irene Namubiru, socialites, tycoons, and recognized people like one of Buganda’s top princes, David Fredrick Wasajja among others.

MV Templar that killed tens of partiers in Lake Victoria
the boat that capsized

After the tragedy, a number of people including survivors (in different ways) are still coming out to share their side of the ‘narrow escape story’ and guess who we recently have? Singer Lydia Jazmine.

Lydia Jazmine
Singer Lydia Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine recently revealed that she counts her self among the survivors of the deadly boat cruise since she was among the invitees.

The ‘masuuka’ singer stressed that she received multiple calls that were telling her to rush to the boat before it started sailing because she had to perform on it.

Lydia Jazmine
Lydia Jazmine

“I was called five times to rush to the boat that capsized on Lake Victoria last month because I had to perform on that event. But luckily enough I was out of the country, “ she further explained.

Jazmine made the statements while speaking at the Abryanz Style And Fashion Awards (ASFAs) over the weekend and she paid a moment of silence for the fallen victims.