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Mixed Feelings As Scoop on scoop Takes A Break!

Coming on our desk is the news of Urban TV’s Tina Fierce and her popular gossip show (SCOOP ON SCOOP) taking  break for a while.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Tina has been at war with former NTV The Beat presenter, Sheilah Gashumba, as the latter accuses the former to make some abusive and demeaning remarks in one of her (Tina’s) recent shows – scoop on scoop, a thing the latter dubbed as ‘Cyber bullying’.

Tina’s remarks on Sheilah came after the latter commenting on some story that had developed between a certain couple on social media (Sheilah posted her opinions about the story on her twitter) which Tina angrily criticized Sheilah of jumping jumping on things and make conclusions yet she be with no clue about them.

Following Tina’s ugly remarks on Shielah Gashumba, the latter dragged the former to the court as well as beginning an ash tag campaign on twitter urging people to stop cyber bullying and also Tina to get sacked from her work place at Urban TV.

Besides all the above sag, sources say that the reason as to why scoop on scoop has taken a break is not Tina-Shielah-Feud related as most people could think.

Yesterday on Monday 29th of June 2020, Urban TV announced that Tina Fierce’s Scoop On Scoop show will take a season break and return later, bigger and better – which Tina also shared on her Twitter.

However, since the news came amidst a ‘Stop Cyber Bullying’ campaign led by mainly Sheilah Gashumba and her boyfriend, God’s Plan, many people are having mixed feelings whether it’s just a season break as the TV station says or Tina was fired following the too much pressure exerted by the socialite couple.

When Urban TV revealed that scoop on scoop was to take a break, Sheilah immediately went to her Twitter and revealed how her lawyers had a successful meeting with UCC about the discontinuation of the show.

”Thanks to Twitter, we kept tagging @UCC_Official and the UCC ED And today My lawyers had a successful meeting with the Senior Legal Officer Of @UCC_Official about the #SqoopandSqoop tv show!Thank you @UCC_Official !! Thank you my twitter family!! #stopsocialmediabullyinguganda” posted Sheilah.

On the other side however, several sources claim that Tina Fierce wasn’t sacked because of the social media campaign. Sources claim that Tina is indeed off air for a few weeks until the issue is resolved.

On Tina’s side, she also ran on her twitter and posted, ”Sooo to my day ones… the show will be bk but ill be one bigger fool if i dnt see this thru to the end… @SheilahGashumba u wanted to go legal… lets. To my fans nd to the fans of the show, am good nd we shall be bk after ❤️ love y’all ❤️”

Nevertheless, we wish both, Sheillah and Tina, all the best in their endeavours!!

What do you think?

Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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