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Sheilah Gashumba’s Monthly Rent Costs $1500.

Sheilah Gashumba Disclosed That she Allocates Nearly Shs6 Million Towards Her Rental Expenses.

Sheilah Gashumba’s Monthly Rent Costs $1500.

Sheilah Gashumba disclosed that she allocates nearly Shs6 million towards her rental expenses. During her appearance on the In My Opinion Podcast, hosted by a Ugandan residing in the U.K., Gashumba explained that she decided to move out of her father’s residence in Bunga, a plush Kampala neighborhood, due to its distance from her workplace and her desire for independence.

Despite her father, Frank Gashumba’s preference for her to leave his house upon marriage, Gashumba asserted her financial autonomy, stating, “Since I was 20–21, I’ve never called my dad for a single coin,” emphasizing that she has never sought his assistance with rent, which amounts to approximately $1500 (Shs5.8 million).

Attributing her decision to rent her own place to encouragement from her friend and entrepreneur, Abryanz (Titus Brian Ahumuza), Gashumba expressed a desire for increased responsibility and independence. Reflecting on her past spending habits, she admitted to frivolous expenditures, noting a shift towards more prudent financial management.

Following her departure from her father’s residence during the Covid lockdown, Gashumba disclosed that communication between them ceased for a year. Their strained relationship was later brought to light through a leaked audio recording in which her father, Frank Gashumba, expressed concerns about her mother, Christine Mukuza (Tina Mukuza), allegedly indulging her.

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Written by Kusaasira Noah

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