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Pals Ignore Broke Meddy Sentongo for Bryan White


Socialite Meddy Sentongo’s threats of making it rain again on the party circuit seems to be a thing of past as close pals have chosen to ignore him allegedly for man of a moment, Pencil thin Bryan White.

Meddie recently came back to Uganda in a silent mode from South Africa where he is currently struggling from to make ends meet.

On one of the recently concluded concerts in Kampala, the used to be slay king was spotted sad and blue in the VIP section, bouncers largely ignoring him even when he demanded for some vantage point to view the show, allegedly because of how broke he has become.

Our invisible buzzing bees have learnt that after falling on hardships in Soweto republic, he is back to the pearl of Africa to being a barber, a job he did before hitting the jackpot with fellow faded city celebrity and by then girl friend Shanita Namulindwa alian Bad Black.