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I was wrongly Accused – SK Mbuga Clarifies


City Tycoon Suleiman Kabangala a.k.a SK mbuga yesterday returned home following a long incarceration in prisons in different Dubai and Europe.

He was arrested by Interpol in February 2018 in Dubai after it was alleged that he, together with his wife Vivian Angella Chebet, defrauded over Shs 20b from a Swedish businessman.

Mbuga was however released earlier in the week after prosecution failed to avail pinning evidence against him in the reported case.

However in his own words after touching down at the Airport, he also made his innocence known to every one as he made it clear that he was wrongly accused.

“I missed everything while in prison. I was jailed for nothing… I was arrested in Dubai over trumped-up charges but I thank God, I have been released… ” he said.

He added on that a group of mafias have been fighting him for a while and they are the reason why he was imprisoned, emphasizing that he will be exposing and suing them for the damages caused since his work was stalled.

He however pledged to resume works from where he ended before being arrested.