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Chosen Blood seeks Fellow Artists to Credit Zex Bilangilangi for his ‘Ebiruma Abayaaye’ Slogan

It’s now a few weeks since the ‘Ebiruma Abayaaye’ phrase started trending on the local entertainment scene and currently, a number of artists have decided to use it in their songs.

However, singer Chosen Blood feels ungrateful for fellow musicians who have used it in their songs but vehemently refused to give credit to the brains behind it and that nobody other than singer Mayega Tadeo a.k.a Zex Bilangilangi.

Singer Chosen Blood

Zex should be credited because he started the slogan in Uganda. All those artistes who made songs out of the slogan should actually respect Zex. Gratitude is a must and they should understand that.” Chosen Blood

Firebase Army Singer Zex ‘Inchkumi’ Bilangilangi

According to Chozen Blood, Firebase singer Zex deserves all the credit for starting the ebiluma abayaye slogan as he beleives that he is the one who started and has always promoted it through social media as he always tags it along his posts as well as in his short skits about his lifestyle and videos.

Kyolina omanya singer Crysto Panda

It should be noted that some artists have already started fighting for the ownership of the slogan and among them is Crysto Panda and Buka Chimey with the latter revealing that he respects Sex for coming up with the slang while the former declining, saying he didn’t steal the slang from anyone.

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