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Broad Daylight Cheating: Lunchtime Sex on the Rise in Kampala

Cheating allover the world has become a major issues amongst married couples. If you don’t, she / he will. Forget those days when you used t suspect that she might cheat on you with the neighbor, Shamba Boy or the Askari or with the house maid or neighbor’s wife for the men. These days it is mainly with the boss at the work place, workmate or that Loaded client whom she/ he always attends to.

Due to this fact, it is the root cause for the rise of lunchtime pleasures in towns forinstance Kampala. Lunchtime sex is the in thing for cheating married couples who do not want to attract the suspicion of their spouses and public scrutiny.

Busy Parking Lot

Just make a simple survey on a random day and visit any parking lot of the hotel and lodgings plus the restaurant areas. Lunch time is designed internationally for people to get some thing to eat before going back for respective kinds of work they do. But you will find out that the parking lots of lodgings are always full at lunchtime yet the restaurant areas are empty. The clients have another idea for a midday ‘meal.’

Soon after, the parking lots empty out (and the rooms) empty out as the clandestine lovers make a dash for the office, satisfied beyond the content that comes with a sumptuous dish.

According to a simple poll recently conducted, Infidelity is on the rise in Uganda and about 83 per cent of women interviewed for the poll revealed they have had or are having an affair with a married man. On the men’s side, 7 out of every 10 married Ugandans cheat on their wives.

These days hotel and lodging owners gather lots of fund during day than at night. A spot check at most hotels reveal that the room occupancy rates during the day hit an all-time high of 90 per cent, but by nightfall, the it falls to almost single digit.

Such Kind of guest houses are good hide outs for cheating couples

A source and staff at a certain hotel in Kampala that preferred anonymity revealed that his bosses decided to cut the cost of rooms by half to attract the lunchtime clients. He adds on that most of the single rooms are fully booked during the day, but empty at night, occupancy being 80 per cent on a bad day.

“As early as 11am, people start streaming in, and this will go on up to around 6pm. Bedding have to be washed by 6am and rooms cleaned because our customers are smartly dressed people who check in sporting ties” he says.

Another source from a popular lodging in town says that they record full booking during day and over the weekends.

“We get very high traffic during the day, especially on weekends. People will come, stay for an hour or two, and then leave. Day times are the busiest. That’s why we have attendants on full-time basis, to cater for the daytime clients,” He Reveals.

Reason for Lunchtime Sex

  • A clinical sexologist in town says having quick sex over lunch hour appeals to many people because it is considered ‘adventurous.’

They know they are married and they are supposed to be at their desks working, but the thrill is in sneaking out and doing what society frowns upon, then they come back to the smiling because nobody knows what they have been up to.” She says.

Busted Cheating Couple
  • Some times lunchtime sex might be among married couple. They can do it to spice up their sex life with a quick lunch time pleasure as having a steamy session during the day and in between work schedules can put a spark in their sex life. It’s good to break away from the routine of having sex quietly at night for fear of waking up the babies.
  • The logic behind lunchtime sex is that chances of being busted are nil. Men are generally forgetful and are prone to being caught. Either they will shower and get home fresh, or they’ll amble in wasted and exhausted, both which will raise suspicion from the wife. So it’s easier for them to plan such things during the day, and schedule it between two meetings so he can safely go home in the evening

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