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The Size of the Man’s Balls Determines his Chances of Cheating

Cheating or Infidelity has long been a topic of interest to scientists who study sex and relationships. There are a number of uncovered surprising things about who’s likely to cheat, why one would cheat among others. One of the surprising discoveries show that most of the people (mostly women) doesn’t now the actual meaning of Cheating. Each defines it in different ways.

People don’t agree at all on what its meaning since not everyone thinks that sexual contact with someone outside of their relationship constitutes cheating. Others think that just talking to another person or having dinner with them can be a form of cheating.

Men’s ball sizes in relation with Cheating

Scientists furthur indicate that certain physical traits and characteristics are linked to infidelity. For instance, men with larger testicles and higher levels of testosterone are more likely to cheat. Some scientists have suggested that there may be an evolutionary reason for this: having these traits could offer guys a competitive edge over other men when it comes to passing along their genes. This is because higher testosterone stimulates more sexual desire, thereby reducing the odds of missing out on potential reproductive opportunities.

More Interesting Facts About Cheating

  • The frequency with which women fake orgasms does predict their likelihood of cheating. The more a woman fakes orgasms with her partner, the more likely she is to cheat on him.
  • The prevalence of cheating isn’t any higher today than it was 20 years ago. In other words, it doesn’t seem to be the case that these new technologies have encouraged more people to cheat. They have rather just given would-be cheaters an easier way to do the deed.
  • Once a cheater, always a cheater saying has emerged to be scientifically proven as research has found that a majority people who admit to infidelity say they’ve done it more than once.
  • Another shocking study found out that men and women are more likely to have affairs just before beginning a new decade of life. For instance 17 – 19, 27 – 29, 37 – 39, 47 – 49 age brackets. When at an age that ends in a nine, one seems more inclined to cheat since he feels he is growing older and might miss some things in the coming years of his life.
  • When undercover affairs are discovered, it doesn’t always mean the end of a relationship or marriage. Studies have found that some relationships actually emerge stronger from such revelations than they were before.
  • The risk of having a heart attack during sex is very low; however, when heart attacks occur during sex, they’re more likely to happen to men when they’re cheating compared to when they’re having sex with a spouse.

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