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Be part of Ugandan Buzz to always catch up with viral stories from the entire Entertainment industry of Uganda as well as other East African countries.

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Ugandan Buzz provides you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. We cover viral stories on Celebrity Gossip, music, fashion, sports, Relationships, Love & Sex , Politics from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

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Get the latest gossip and developing stories from;

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  • Celebrities
  • Social scene
  • Parties
  • Show biz
  • Upcoming events among others.
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  • Motorsport
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  • Rugby e.tc
  • East African Entertainment News
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  • Travel, Tourism & Leisure
  • Business
  • Bizarre news
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Types of Drunks you are Likely to Find in Ugandan Bars

Uganda is one of the top ranked drunk countries in the world with beers and locally made gins as the main preffered brands. A...
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