Land grabbing: Top Crimes Committed by the Rich in Uganda

Some crimes are very expensive. Think of the 8 bulls that cost Sh 6 Billions for instance or the 35 Pens that Costed Over Sh100 Millions. You need a qualified team and analysts to drill into the base if this Next Gen Corruption. Such guys already commit crimes with n assurance of an escape plan at hand, that is police proof. Dare steal a chicken and see but these guys are untouchable. Here are the high profile crimes committed by the Rich.

Land grabbing

To grab land belonging to a police station, a state lodge, the army or the National Museum, means you have connections in high places and not just at ‘Lands’. So many tycoons in Uganda have been involved in land grabbing issues taking for instance the ‘Temangalo’ land saga and the most recent of Minister Kibuule Ronald i Buikwe district.

Firearms possession

To buy a gun and get a license means you are such a worthy person who needs personal protection. The poor can use stones, sling shots etc. But to deal in illegal firearms means you know gun runners who know financiers of criminal groups. In such cases, its only the poor crooks that are arrested.

Tax evasion

The rich tend to employ the best accountants (even though it needs to ship them from abroad) to ‘cook’ books besides oiling the palms of some crooked officials at the revenue collection centre.

Voter bribery

This has become a normal way of life in Uganda towards the elections. Big persons in big political positions bribe voters to attend their political rallies, wear their T-shirts among others. In Uganda, there is a political party that is always keen of that. Bribing voters is not an investment whose returns are guaranteed, making it an electoral offense which only the rich can partake.

Drug and Human trafficking

Drug and human trafficking requires such high risk involving splashing cash on ‘transporters’, airport officials, anti-narcotics police and even magistrates for cases to drag on for ages, but alas! Remember the boy who was trafficked to Kenya by a porn industry, however much he tried filing a case at the Central Police station, the next day the file was no where to be found.


This is an elitist crime especially when it involves forging signature to access bank accounts, title deeds or sale agreements involving millions. Others forge academic documents as evident from some aspirants in the 2016 general elections.

Other crimes include Intellectual theft that infringes on copyright of not only broadcast material but also text books and songs without permission.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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