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Feffe Bussi Caught in Discomfort After Da Agent Beating him twice in Zzina Awards

Just type in ‘who is who’ in your favorite search engine or ask it any one, the only reply will be Feffe Bussi. This is a super diss song to fellow musicians particularly rappers, that has taking him places in this 2018 and know one knows when it will end.

The ‘who is who’ song has seen many replies to the skinny rapper, some returning the diss fire onto him while others on his side. The long list of replies is topped by the one super fast Luga Flow rapper, Da Agent who has so far released two songs to the Feffe’s diss including ‘Who is me’ and ‘Fear none’ and said he is still releasing more.

None of these two rappers can get it that one the other is better than him and this was clearly revealed at the fifth edition of the Zzina Awards that was concluded yesterday at Sky Beach Lounge, Freedom City.

After Da Agent being announced as the Best LugaFlo artiste of the year together with his ‘Kale Bba’ song as the Best Lugaflow Rap of the Year beat, Feffe Bussi couldn’t believe it. He kept nodding his head in disbelief and was seen talking ‘small words’ to him self.

The two were nominated in the same categories that Da Agent happened to take all.

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