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Fake That Confidence: Top Dating Tips For Short Men

The journey of looking for a significant other is not as easy as those that haven’t tried may think. Looking for a partner with whom you wish to walk the rest of your journey in life can be nerve wracking and requires a high sense of patience and confidence.

When it comes to short men, it becomes worse. Dating becomes more difficult as ladies always have a lot to say about this category of men. Making it worse, post aspects in a man’s dating life can be worked on and improved on but the height sadly, is something you are is stuck with. Research shows that most women are unreasonably hang up on height when it comes to selecting a partner, and use it to gauge their attraction to a man.

Taller men are deemed more dominant and assertive, traits that are desirable in a man. However, if you are short, you need a little to work on to get closer to the love of your life. As they say, good things come in small packages. Height is not only the impression you have, you have lots of other strengths and with these few tips, you are good to go navigate the dating scene as a short man:

Work Hard and Be high value

The answer to the question ‘What women want is broad’. But all we can agree with is that a large percentage of women today always favor the ‘high value’ men regardless of their appearance.

Work hard, Find a way to make lots of money, earn it and spend it wisely and wait. It is no secret that women look at the earning potential of a man when choosing a partner. You need to raise your value to get a real chance with beautiful women.

Be Positive with who you are

People always have a lot to insult a short man. They are bitter, wiseckers, angry etc. Be who you are, Whether they call you dwarf, midget etc. A number of women will get you dismissed before even getting to know your name saying you are not their type but believe in your self. The more you let your height bother you, the more women will reject you. If you convince yourself that no woman will ever be attracted to you because of your height, it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy. You will even stop approaching women because you will start assuming in advance that they are going to reject you.

Focus of Physical appearance

Pharell William is known as one of the celebrities taking good care of them selves appearance wise

Accept it that if you are short, you are at a plus one disadvantage than your taller competitor. Therefore you will need to put in a lot of work in your physical looks to make up for your lack of height. Lose some weight through the Gym and pack on some muscle to build an athletic physique, dress sharply and always be impeccably groomed.

Be Confident with Sounding Command

You don’t require a great height to be that man that everyone notices when he steps into a room. You have the ability to fill a room and command every woman’s attention and affection. Be the kind of man a woman remembers even if your interaction was just a minute long. The secret to having a commanding presence is confidence, having a convincing posture, making eye contact and positive body movement.

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