How to deal with long car travels

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Traveling!! The thrill of discovering new exciting places; until you are confined in a vehicle with little to do. Then even looking out the window becomes boring and monotonous. For instance, for tourists in Uganda it takes a 6 – 7 hours drive from the only International Airport in the country to get to the top visited tourist destination, Murchison Falls National Park.

Meanwhile, you should worry not, we have a few things here that you can do to make the journey pass without noticing.

Bring along a book.

Reading is a great way to pass the time, especially if you are travelling alone. You could read about the place you are visiting or the people and culture that live in the region you are visiting. This may give you ideas on what to do and where to visit especially if you have not decided on your itinerary.

Make regular stopovers.

A One Safaris UgandaMost highways have famous stopovers where you can either grab a snack or do a short fun activity like taking photos, shopping or learning about the locals. Plan your journey and avoid long periods of driving as you may miss out on the region you visit. If you are short of the Information of the country/ destination that you wish to travel to, Local Tour operators will always do this for you unless you requested a short trip, are short on time and have a long distance to cover.


Moving with board games or playing cards especially those moving in groups is recommended. Bring a long a chess board, draft or the local mweso. These make the time go by but beware of the speed bumps on the road as they mess the game by moving the pieces on the board.

Travel in groups.

Group tours in Uganda

As the saying goes; the more, the merrier. There is constant flow of conversation on a number of subjects when in a group trip. Traveling with friends or family is best as you will most definitely have things in common and therefore more to talk about.

Travel in a comfortable car.

Comfort goes a long way in rating your journey. You will get good car hire deals if you are not certain of the transport needs of the country you wish travel in. You can do this by asking and confirming with your tour operator that they will provide you a comfortable car in good mechanical condition as will always be some off road driving.


listening to musicPrepare a playlist of your favorite music ahead of your trip. Radio reception is bad when driving and is unreliable. Your best bet would be carrying along a portable speaker, music player or using your phone. Using your phone should be the last option as you do not want to run out of battery in emergency situations that’s why you should carry a music player for such purposes.

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