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Desire Luzinda: My Nudes Leak was a Blessing in Disguise

When one talks about the name ‘Desire Luzinda’, many thoughts run through the mind of those who heard it. Though she is a musician who has been doing well in the Industry, the digestion of her name in many’s minds will not ber about her music. It is always either her hot curvaceous body, her endless string of men not forgetting her nude pictures that leaked to the public a few years back by his guilted Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Franklin.

Many nudes have leaked but critics say Desire’s will always be remembered. Till now, when she steps on stage, you will not miss words like ‘Tulage Ekitone’ welcoming her.

However, though she regrets about it, Desire says her Nude Pictures leaking to the public was a blessing in disguise. It made her lots of money – her words.

While being asked by a weekly local paper’s reporter about why instead of hiding, she just boasted with it and even a Song Ekitone regarding her private assets, the mother of a fourteen Year Old daughter clarified.

She said that, in the song in question, the public did not just get her message, they percepted it the other way. Desire Luzinda says that she had recorded the song before the Internet quacked after the leak of her private pictures and Video.

“Things just happened coincidentally… The song was out even before the nudes. At first I was reluctant to release it. It was Mowzey Radio who encouraged me to put it out. You know sometimes you need to take advantage of some situations… I was scared and panicking, but the song helped me to make lots of money.. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.. ” Singer Desire Luzinda said.

meanwhile, the singer says though she still feels sad because of the ways pepole percept all what she does, she is now ding fine.

“The hing I thank God is that I am back mo my feet.. I am now doing fine..” She concluded.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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