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Police OC threatens to Arrest Dj Aludah for Playing MTN Bosco Advert

DJ Aludah Uganda

There is no doubt that the MTN Bosco Advert is now a hit as it has even started featuring in bars and clubs. However, recently it had landed a city deejay, DJ Aludah into trouble of being arrested after insisting on playing it.

He was doing his job at Rave Bar in Kololo where he included the ‘Bosco’ advert on his play list. When he played it, the crowd went crazy, singing and dancing it. Remember it is an advert!!

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It is then that the Officer of Police who introduced himself as the Officer in Command of Kiira Road Police station came to the DJ’s box and immediately asked to stop him playing it. As Aludah was still listening to him, the advert replayed again, a thing that annoyed the officer, shouting;

“I told you not to play that song,” as he attempted to arrest him.

The argument developed into a scuffle and the deejay was only saved by the car bouncers. Embarrassed, the cop went outside the bar and was later joined by a patrol pick-up. This sent Aludah into panic to look for a more secure place to hide from the now many officers, vowing never to play the famed ‘Bosco’ advert again.

“I will never play the Bosco ad again. I have a life and a family to look after. It is going of put me in trouble, then I cannot play it,” Exclaimed Aludah

The Bar owner later negotiated with the police officers till they agreed not to arrest the deejay.

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